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Surprise! Lena Dunham’s Wrong. Again.

September 1st, 2015 2 comments

For about five seconds, I was really into Lena Dunham. I binge watched Girls like it was my job. I ate up every interview Lena gave like it was the last reading material in existence in all of the universe. I even defended Lena’s childhood experiences because all kids experiment with all the facts of life, from clothing choices, to being a dick, to sex, whether it’s with friends or siblings. It’s just a fact of life. And honestly, where would you be without the experimenting you did as a child?

Then she stuck her nose in world issues she clearly doesn’t know much about–because feminism!–and I was instantly turned off. I mean, her heart’s in the right place, and I suppose I should be considering that, but when sex workers said, “Hey, we’re not all being forced. Some of us chose this and actually enjoy it. And really, your way is problematic because it makes sex work more dangerous for those of us who are in it because we want to be,” Lena basically ignored their existence, refused to hear their truth, because she has an agenda, and their truth doesn’t jibe with her agenda. And that’s gross. You can’t protect one group’s rights by erasing another group’s truth. That’s not how ‘equality’ is supposed to work.

So now, because feminism, Lena’s got a problem with Justin Bieber’s new song.

And for a second, I was with her. All, “Fuck yeah. Why are we glorifying women feeling pressured into doing things they don’t want to do? I thought Justin Bieber was claiming that he realized what a douche he was and is trying to be better?” Then I listened to the song, because these days, I like to know what I’m outraged about before ranting about it. And I guess I’m not surprised that Lena totally missed the mark. Read more…

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