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Quick and Dirty

December 20th, 2010 Comments off

I’ve had four stories kicked back, a few others edited to hell and back, some confusion surrounding payment because I didn’t ask enough questions, and one mishap with another author accidentally getting credit for one of my stories, but overall I’ve had nothing but positive experiences. I’m sure at least part of that is because I got lucky, and got a writing job with a company I’ve been working with for over a year, so I’m (mostly) comfortable asking questions, and completely comfortable with fucking up. Another part is my resolve to view this whole thing as a learning experience, no matter what.

I think what surprised me most is the atmosphere. I’ve dealt with all sorts of people from all over the world, so I never know what to expect. But so far, things have been really relaxed and friendly. I think because of how things have been in our neighborhood, and some epiphanies I’ve been having about other areas of my life, I’ve sort of forgotten that there are some people out there who are genuine and respectful. Besides the small circle M and I have begun to draw tighter to ourselves, of course. More me than M, but I think He’s getting there.  Read more…

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Update: Week in May

May 28th, 2009 3 comments


This week was supposed to be a week of retraining and micromanagement. Lots of punishment and conversation and bondage and brainwashing.

And I dreaded it. Right up to the very moment Master came home Friday evening.

I was petrified of how hard on me He’d be and how emotional it was going to be and what things would be like when we came out the other side.  And then He came home Friday night and took me to the convenience store to grab a couple 20oz Smirnoffs (though I ended up buying Parrot Bay Mojito instead… good stuff!).  We sat on the couch all comfy cozy and drank our bottles and watched South Park.

Yes.  South Park.  It’s funny.  Shut up.

I didn’t even cook that night.  He did.  He made beef and vegetable curry.  Well, okay I made the rice. Minute rice. Which requires boiling water, pouring in rice and letting it sit for five minutes.  So… I didn’t even cook that night.

That’s when the nagging thought of “Just one more thing He said He’s going to do that’s going to be pushed to the wayside.” started eating at the back of my mind. Read more…

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Me and My Big Mouth

May 15th, 2009 Comments off

Was it really me who sat on the floor clinging to His leg and whispered up to Him with tears in my eyes, “I think the week in May is a good idea. For all the reasons you do.”? Did I do that? Me?

Cause, you know, the week in May is a week away. And it’s actually a week and two days.

Was that really me?

Oh god. It was.

Anyone got a space for a little slave girl? I won’t take up much room and I’ll eat scraps.

(And before anyone thinks differently, I’m joking about needing a hiding spot. Mostly.)

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A Week in May

April 11th, 2009 Comments off

Yesterday Master told me He was thinking about taking a week off in May. He plans to micromanage my week. Have a week long “Come to Jesus” meeting. I don’t know why I didn’t mention it in the last post.

I almost begged Him to. Instead, for some reason, after being punished I simply said, “I think the week in May is a good idea.”

He asked why and I said, “For all the reasons you want to do it.”

It’s been a long time. I’m a little scared.

We’ll see what happens I guess. Maybe I’ll suddenly become “Super Slave” and He’ll decide I don’t need it. It could happen!

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