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Parting is such sweet sorrow…except when you leave a shithole.

February 17th, 2013 5 comments
Shut up, I know we need a bed skirt.

Shut up, I know we need a bed skirt.

We moved!

No, really! Look!

No more ugly blue carpet. No more ugly blue and white sponge painted walls. No more children on the other sides of thin walls and ceilings keeping us from being able to live our life how we want to. No more asshole neighbors doing everything in their power to make us miserable.

And let me tell you…it is divine.

Everything is better here. Everything.

All the walls are white and the floors are neutral tones, so we can do, literally, what ever we want when we have the money to decorate. The landlord owns a contracting company, so every tiny inch is professionally done and looks beautiful. So when we decorate, it’ll just be decorating, not trying to hide crumbling walls, and ugly paint jobs. There are a couple of dings in the wood floors from the previous tenant’s dog, but nothing you notice without staring at the floor. If we decide to stay here past the first year, we’ll probably repair it ourselves.  Read more…

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Our day in a word? Perfect.

July 31st, 2011 2 comments

So I was instructed to write about our day. Like I wouldn’t have anyway. Silly Master.

We’d talked about going to Denny’s for breakfast but it’s Sunday and Denny’s is the place to be on Sunday. Especially a brand new Denny’s in a poor neighborhood with at least ten nursing homes, assisted living facilities and senior apartment complexes within a ten minute drive at ten miles under the speed limit. So instead, we popped into a Dunkin Donuts and grabbed some breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Then we hit the road for some of our favorite places up north, singing and talking along the way.

First we wanted to go to the waterfall we went to the first week we were together. we were thwarted by a “Road Closed” sign that’s always there. I didn’t remember until we were on the way to Saratoga Battlefields. So we went to Ascension Stone (which they call Ascension Rock, but everyone I know calls it Ascension Stone) instead. It’s by the William Miller Chapel in Fairhaven, Vermont. Master didn’t trust me to remember how to get there since it had been quite a long time. Read more…

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Sometimes Things Just… Click

June 17th, 2011 Comments off

We went to lunch today with the intention of cashing M’s check and dropping his pay stub off at a local car dealership for preapproval for a lease. We were gonna pop by the dealership some time next week and look at a car. We expected it to take a couple days to hear back.

When we walked into the dealership, it was empty. We asked for the guy M had spoken with on the phone, and were pointed to his desk. He took the pay stub and M’s license and walked to the finance office. A few minutes later, he came back and said, “Ya ready to pick a car?”

Uh… yeah?!

So we strolled the aisles and settled on a cute little black car. It’s got a couple scratches, so we’re gonna pick up some touch-up paint after we pick up the car.

The next hurdle was insurance, so we walked down the road to this little office with three desks and a woman with flowers on the ends of her pens. She was so insanely nice. And within 20 minutes, we were on our way out the do or with our insurance cards in our hand.

We pick it up on Tuesday. It’s covered by warranty so we’re going to take it to our mechanic. Make sure there’s nothing major wrong with it.

Next weekend? We’re gone. Who the fuck knows where. Just not here. I cannot wait. Pine trees here we come. ~blissful sigh~ God, how I’ve missed you.

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