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How To Go From Pussy To Depression

June 18th, 2013 5 comments

TreeThe monthly monster has finally subsided. The Man and I are actively trying to find our way out of the discomfort no sex, kink, or exercise has brought us. We’re walking every day, fucking every day (M seems to be doing this on purpose), and trying to eat and drink better than we have been so that our bodies will have what they need to get back to the place we were before all this. And my pussy isn’t fucking cooperating.

It’s sofa king bizarre, and it’s obliterating what little bit of positive self esteem I’d managed to harness after realizing I’ve regained 15lbs since last year.

I’ve always had a tight, responsive, damn-near-constantly-wet pussy. A stiff breeze would get me wet. “Bend over, bitch.” was all the foreplay I needed. But lately, M can tease me till he’s blue in the face, and my pussy will still be dry as a bone. I mean, seriously, what the fuck?

So I’m going with a few assumptions: Read more…

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