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April 8th, 2020 Comments off

I feel like this goes without saying, but believe it or not, people change. Beliefs change. Morals change. Lifestyles change.

This blog spans 15 years of my life. M and I have been together 17 years, and we’ve been through a lot of shit in those years. Hell, who’s not going through a lot of shit right now?

I had a blonde phase.

Rayne with blonde hair

I’ve moved on to pink and purple.

Rayne with pink and purple hair

I realized I don’t actually hate pink. I just said I did because it was a “girl” color.

I realized a lot of shit about myself, actually.

What I’m saying is not everything in this blog rings true for me anymore. And while I’ve been saying for years I’m going to edit the old stuff, I honestly can’t bring myself to spend days on end wading through the bullshit that I used to spew and reminding myself just how much of an asshole I used to be.

I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’m still an asshole. I’ll probably always be an asshole because there are still a lot of things society says I should do that I think are dumb. I’m not afraid to admit that. But some of the shit I used to say and do was wholly fucked up. And even if I had an excuse, I wouldn’t give it to you.

So this is just a warning. Take some of the shit I say in this blog with a grain of salt. Even I don’t stand by half of it anymore. Maybe some day, I’ll be in a headspace that allows me to revisit and explain why I was a dumb fucking bitch back then and what’s changed since. Today is not that day.

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I suck at getting back into the groove. #sorrynotsorry

July 10th, 2015 Comments off

Hello-My-Name-is-SlackerSo I’ve been trying to get back to doing Kinktionary and No Stupid (Kink) Questions posts on Fridays. Yes, sex ed on Friday. Cuz I know some of you fuckers are going out after work and being kinky all weekend (us fuckers sure are), and if you’re new to kinky fucking, I want you to have something you can take with you to your kinky fuckery.

Last week, I got the Kinktionary post up, but no amount of pouting and sighing and feeling guilty carved out extra time for me to do the NSKQ post, so it got skipped.

This week, I’m skipping them both. I tried really hard to get them done before today, but it’s just not happening. I’ve picked up an editing job, and I’m trying to spend more of my time focused on the house and M, so the blog is the last thing I consider. Read more…

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Update: The Follow Up

May 30th, 2015 Comments off

I can type with both hands again! Hallelujah!

I had my follow up appointment yesterday, and they’re sending me to an orthopedist. It’s probably not necessary. I’m steadily getting better. The pain is decreasing, and I’m getting some of my mobility back.

We even had the sex yesterday! Or…well…this morning, technically, but I say it was still yesterday since we hadn’t been to bed yet. That wouldn’t have been possible a couple days ago. There was far too much pain, and M says he’s not at all into being the cause of that kind of pain, so despite my repeated offers, we waited. Read more…

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