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Lose weight to lose weight? Ffs. But the mountains! Now there’s a good reason.

July 30th, 2011 Comments off

So that whole “getting into shape” thing? We just kicked it into seriously high gear. In the past five days, we’ve walked 12.5 miles, which isn’t much for people who’ve been doing this forever, but is huge for a couple fatties like us. Until recently, you’d be lucky to get us to walk more than a mile at a time unless there was a Geocache or a Farmers Market at the end.

We bought a new scale. The old one was busted. Unfortunately, we know for sure the old one was busted because it kept saying M weighs 298. He actually weighs 306. I weighed in at 244.6. Course, it was the end of the day, and we both had clothes on. But I’m gonna go ahead and say that’s pretty accurate. Read more…

The Things We Miss When Life Gets Busy

June 25th, 2011 Comments off

Examples of Required communication in a Higher MODE such as the slave mode: Speech will change depending on the MODE a Master has placed his slave in.
A. “Master” is the Master’s role, title, and name. A slave will always refer to him only as “Master”, “The Master” , “my Master”, “Sir”, or “my Owner” depending on how it is being used in a sentence and to whom the slave is speaking.
B. A slave’s reference to herself is always “Your slave” or “Your property” or “she” as a secondary reference when speaking to her Master. When speaking with others, a slave refers to herself as “this slave” and uses “she” as a secondary reference. A slave will never use the words “me”, “my” or “I”. The only exceptions are that a slave can say “my Master”, “my slave sister”, or “my slavery”
C. A slave says “Sir, Yes Sir, Thank You Sir!” every time the slave:

  • i. Is given any order
  • ii. Is told any piece of information, even if it doesn’t affect her
  • iii. Has her speech or behavior corrected or explained

The slave says “Sir, No Sir, Thank You Sir!” when her response is negative.

I miss this. I mean, we never did the “Sir, yes sir, thank you, sir!” thing. Master tailored it to His liking as He does pretty much everything. And I fought it every step of the way as I do pretty much everything.

This one day, we were driving to work, and He forgot that He’d left me in our version of slave mode. I wasn’t allowed to speak unless spoken to, and He hadn’t spoken to me.

He says, rather sarcastically, “So obviously you have a problem with the way I handled your behavior this morning. Out with it.”

And I blink up at Him and stare for a moment. “What’re you talking about?”

“Well you haven’t said a word since we got in the truck.”

“Master, you left me in slave mode. I’m not allowed to talk unless you do, and you haven’t.”

“Oh. Well. I guess I better take you out of slave mode so you can work.”

I laughed. He glared.

As much as I hate it and rail against it, I miss the formality.

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Melen’s Giveaway Answers

February 20th, 2011 2 comments

K2theF asked:

Would you ever share Rayne with other men?

Yes, and I have in the past. Lately I’ve been keeping her to myself. It really depends on my mood, and it really depends on the guy.

Rayne is also my wife, and I will strike quick and hard against anyone threatening that relationship. Because of that, rayne is usually not allowed to be more than a casual acquaintance with the men I let fuck her. It’s purely for sex.

Which leads me to a common misconception; that men want sex and not anything emotional. I can’t begin to tell you how hard it’s been to find men to fuck rayne and keep emotion out of it. Inevitably they cross the line, getting too personal with attempts at friendship, and more. What ever happened to using some good pussy and moving on? Shesh! Read more…

Sometimes, the approach makes all the difference.

October 12th, 2010 Comments off

Awhile back… A few years, at least.  M and I were on completely different pages when it came to pain play.

Not in the “one of us wanted it, one of us didn’t” sense.  Or even that we were interested in different levels of extremes.

Somewhere along the line, I got my wires crossed.  No matter what was going on, every time M wanted to play with me, I thought I was being punished.  I used to blame Him.  His approach was off, or He’d punished me with pain so often that I’d come to believe that was its only purpose.

I don’t think there was blame to lay.  I think at the time the pain play was hurting my feelings.  Especially when emotional sadism was involved.  This is purely speculation, though.  I never really took the time to analyze it.  Read more…