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Melen’s Thanksgiving Thoughts

November 25th, 2010 4 comments

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year. Even someone like me, who can be pessimistic at the best of times (tho I still claim I’m being realistic), has many things to be thankful for.

A few weeks ago we decided to get a pet. We were at our local Pet Smart to pick up food for the gerbils and birds, and one of the local shelters had a number of cats on site. We didn’t have much money left, so we bought what we needed and headed off to grab something to eat. While we were eating I was thinking about it. I’m definitely an “impulse buyer”, although I’d prefer to look at it more like an adoption in this case. It’s sort of crazy, this concept that you can buy and own another animal.

We hadn’t checked on how much taking a cat home would cost, so on a whim I decided we’d head back and check on how much it would be, with the thought that we’d come back in a couple of weeks and choose a new pet. When we got back to Pet Smart we found out that the adoption fee was 50% off, which dropped it to only $35. All the cats had all their shots and checkups, and were all healthy. In addition to that, they were giving coupons that covered the first big container of litter, and food for a week or more was included. We also found out there were a couple good plastic carriers people had donated. So all we really needed was a litter box. We still put it off, thinking we’d get a cat at the first of the year, when we could afford the pet deposit. Until a friend of ours ended up in the hospital, and none of her family members wanted to take in the cat she’d just rescued from the same shelter Pet Smart works with.

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Happy Thanksgiving from M and Me

November 25th, 2010 Comments off

There’s something special about having a cat that I can’t quite put my finger on.  When I stretch out on the floor and snuggle with Cara, petting her, and teasing her with her “fishing pole” (read: a broken nylon measuring tape), I feel all warm and squishy in a way that human interaction can’t replicate.  I mean, here’s this fuzzy little creature who can only communicate with body language, and tone, and depends on me entirely for food, water, shelter and love.  So trusting, and content to take whatever I’ll give her.

The “new shiny” affect hasn’t quite warn off, yet, and we both still stop what we’re doing, quite frequently, throughout the day, to love on Cara, and spend time with her.  And ya know, I’m not sure that affect ever will wear off completely.  We’re both hopelessly devoted to those brilliant golden green eyes, and her desperate hunger for love and attention.  And as I think about my dynamic with our feline friend, I can’t help but consider how similar it is to my dynamic with M.

Just like Cara, I get pissy if M doesn’t play with me enough.  And just like Cara, I make a huge deal out of ignoring Him back, and entertaining myself.  Even though I have the ability to communicate openly, I often do most of my communicating with body language and tone.  While I do most of the cooking, I depend on Him entirely for food, water, shelter and love.  I trust Him completely, and am content to take whatever He’ll give me.  And he’s hopelessly devoted to my brilliant blue-gray eyes, and my desperate hunger for love and attention.

As I think about this, I’m laughing at myself for my aversion to the word “pet”, and the connotations it has.  And I realize I’m just dumb, because I am, without a doubt, M’s pet, among all the rest, and I love that it is that way.

There’s something to be said for stretching out on the couch, or at His feet, and feeling Him reach down to pet my head, or play with my hair.  Sitting next to Him on a leash.  Licking His hands or face to show my affection.

I’m such a lucky girl.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, from both of us.  Hope yours is as amazing as I’m sure ours is going to be.

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In the interest of brilliance…

November 19th, 2010 Comments off

Today, I scrubbed the shower, toilet, kitchen floor, stove and got almost completely caught up on the dishes I didn’t do while we weren’t eating in.  That whole doing dishes while I cook thing? Yeah, it requires me actually cooking.

M’s been all sorts of stingy with my time.  To the point of not wanting me to spend time cooking so we can just relax together.  We’re getting close to having to knock that shit off and start living off the groceries we bought, but we also have to go to the meat market some day soon so we have more than spaghetti and macaroni and cheese to eat.  Though this shopping trip, in the interest of saving time, since we’re already going to be cooking this gigantic meal on Thursday (Jesus, I can’t believe there are only six days till Thanksgiving!), we bought sauce, instead of the fixins for sauce.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, this internet publication called Safeword Magazine snatched up my Orange Cranberry Sauce recipe, with my permission, of course, and included it in their November edition.  And look! They included my story in the side of the page! And a banner, and everything! Color me stoked. Read more…

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St. Niklaus

December 25th, 2007 No comments

He came!

And so did I! Merry Christmas, everyone!

It’s okay to say “Merry Christmas!” to me. I don’t mind.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 22nd, 2007 No comments

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Love and kisses to you all.
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Thanksgiving Rant

November 21st, 2007 No comments

The other day, when talking with a coworker, I mentioned that my parents are planning to come up for our Thanksgiving celebration. This woman (not exactly a Bible thumper herself) says, “But I thought you were Pagan.”

I gaped at the ignorance of her comment and just shook my head. How can a born and bred American citizen come up not knowing what Thanksgiving is truly about?

Thanksgiving is not a religious holiday. At least not from where I sit. When I was growing up and being taught about Thanksgiving, it was a secular school that taught me, not the church. I learned about it from a secular history book, not the Bible. And not once in my history book did it mention the Christian god pertaining to Thanksgiving.

The American version of [[Thanksgiving]] is a celebration that originated with the Native Americans and the British colonists who sat down together in peace to thank their respective deities and each other for the blessings they’d received and for each other. Native Americans, at the time, according to history had no clue who Christ or the Christian god were. Eventually, that changed. But the first Thanksgiving dinner had nothing to do with religion, race or creed. It was one moment in history where everyone was truly equal at the table no matter who they were.

Thanksgiving is a patriotic holiday in my eyes. A family holiday. A time for us to get together and celebrate each other. To celebrate all the things we’ve been given in life, whether we believe some deity gave us those things or we worked hard for them. Thanksgiving is everyone’s holiday. That’s why I love it so much.

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