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Kintionary: Subspace

April 14th, 2016 Comments off
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In mathematics, subspace is defined as “a space that is wholly contained in another space, or whose points or elements are all in another space.” Some kinksters would say that definition isn’t far from the truth.

Subspace is often described as a floating sensation, or feeling detached from one’s body. Speech and thought become difficult. Some refer to it as “flying” while others liken it to an MDMA trip.

The science of subspace comes down to pain-induced endorphins that attach to the same receptors as opioids. When a person is in pain (from illness, exercise, kink, etc.), the body reacts by increasing the production of dopamine, which is also known as the body’s “pleasure chemical” because it rewards the body for certain activities. Increased production of dopamine is thought to be a factor in drug addiction, which explains why so many bottoms feel addicted to subspace.

Not everyone will experience subspace. Not every play session will induce subspace. No one’s quite sure why.

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