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Kinktionary: Sub Frenzy

January 4th, 2017 Comments off

Sub frenzy is described as a desperate desire to be in the thick of BDSM interactions; particularly ones in which the person experiencing sub frenzy is the bottom. It’s most commonly experienced by submissive people who are new to BDSM, or haven’t been involved in BDSM activity for a while.

Sub frenzy can inspire unsafe behaviors, and has been known to cause a new submissive to jump into the deep end before they know how to swim. It is an excitement similar to New Relationship Energy, in that a submissive who has just discovered submission, and felt that click we all feel when we find something that suits us perfectly, wants to do all of the submissive things right the fuck now, kthxbai.

Sub frenzy is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can occasionally cause submissives to go overboard with trying new things, or make them appear overly eager. The best way to combat sub frenzy is to pace oneself.

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