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Female Escorts: A Valid Service

July 2nd, 2013 Comments off



When you think about an escort, what comes to mind?

I envision a beautiful woman who is paid to show up at black tie affairs on the arms of corporate business men who don’t have the time, or inclination, to seek out a real relationship. You know the type of man I’m talking about. They’re usually between the ages of 30 and 60, and they spend more time with their iPhones and Macbooks than they do interacting face-to-face with people. They often find themselves expected to show up at some muckety-muck’s fundraiser, or Christmas party. And rather than go it alone, or ask one of their coworkers to accompany them, they hire a woman to act as their stand-in girlfriend for the evening, furthering their reputation as their city’s most eligible bachelor.

This woman may be employed by an “escort service”, or have a madam, but she almost definitely does not have a pimp. The only time you’ll see her on the street is if she’s out running errands, or accompanying a client to an event. And whether or not she has sex with her client is entirely up to her, if one ignores the current laws in this country. It’s not a guarantee. And if it does happen, it occurs without the agency’s direct knowledge to protect them from potential prosecution.

For all their differences, escorts have one thing in common with prostitutes. They do not kiss and tell. If someone finds out the girl you took to last month’s company bash was paid for her services, it’s because you told someone. Read more…

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Sexuality in Schenectady – The Adult Industry Edition

September 30th, 2011 3 comments

I am, in some ways, built to be a journalist. In large crowds, you can find me mostly on the fringes, observing the people around me. I’ve always been that person. Leave me alone at a party, and while I’m definitely not a wallflower, you’ll most often find me listening to someone intently, trying to learn all there is to know about them before they lose interest in talking about themselves. And then, I move on to the next person who looks like they’re just dying to talk about themselves.

My genuine curiosity has helped me to learn so much about the human race. Most people are comfortable talking to me and they tell me so much more than they’d tell other people. And it allows me to befriend people most wouldn’t even talk to. The fact that I used to be one of them helps a bit, too. Read more…

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Thanks for not projecting your issues onto me.

September 24th, 2011 4 comments

The other day, while bumbling around the worldwide web, I saw someone snarking on people who talk about how they “used to be” sex workers. It’s difficult to catch tone and inflection on the internet, and especially when reading strangers, but it seems as if a commonly held opinion among present day sex workers is that those of us who got out of the business feel like we’re better than those of us who are still in it. That would suggest those of us who got out and some of us still in the business believe all the drivel we’re telling the rest of the world not to believe. Like being a prostitute is shameful and gross and sex workers should be shunned from society … except when society is paying to fuck them.

For the record, and make no mistake I mean every word of this (and understand I speak only for myself):

That’s your hang-up. Not mine.  Read more…

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