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A Conversation About Fear and Spoiled Slaves

March 4th, 2014 5 comments

CollarOn Saturday, we went for a drive.

Master was going to head out to Vischer Ferry so we could take pictures along the Old Erie Canal. I said, “I was going to bring my camera, and then I decided not to.”

“Well,” he said, “I was thinking about stopping at Walmart so we can pick up one of those binoculars-slash-digital-camera things we were talking about getting.”

“That’d be great. I forgot to bring tampons, and I have to pee.”

He glared at me, and launched his usual tirade about me forgetting something so crucial to our being able to stay out a while. In truth, my uterus is being a finicky bitch (as she is wont to do), and I only have my period every other twenty-four hours. Saturday was an other day, but you can never be too sure. I told him that, but he wanted those binoculars, so we went. Read more…

Public Protocol – His Way or No Way

August 4th, 2010 3 comments

A while back, a couple of my friends asked me what’s keeping M and me from going to public kink stuff.  Munches, play parties, events, what have you.  I usually poo-poo it off with our shyness and lack of fetish wear.  My low self-esteem, and His gimongous workload.  Our empty wallet.  But there’s more to it that I don’t often talk about.

M’s afraid I’ll embarrass Him.  Either with a disrespectful joke at His expense, or my tendency to interrupt and talk over Him, or my occasional temper tantrums, or… He doesn’t mind so much that I’m clumsy.  It brings Him countless hours of entertainment.  It’s mostly the disrespectful behavior that He has a problem with.  Read more…

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His car? His dog? His pig whore.

February 9th, 2010 8 comments

I was writing about romance in M/s relationships for Eden Cafe, what with Valentine’s Day stopping by on Sunday, and while I was rereading what I’ve already written, I started thinking about the analogies people often use when describing what a slave is to his or her owner.  Most often used, I think, are pets (usually dogs) and cars.

Even Master does it.  Yesterday, He compared owning a slave to his iPod Touch.  He said something like, “With owning something comes a certain degree of emotional attachment.  Especially if you enjoy owning it.  Take my iPod, for example.  It’s really cool.  I really like it.  I probably could say I love it.  I’d be really upset if anything happened to it.  And the same goes for a slave.  Even if there’s no initial emotional attachment, there would be eventually, if only because it’s your property.  Nobody likes their property destroyed.”

I resisted the urge to point out that we both know He was hopelessly in love with me long before I admitted an interest in being owned.

And that I was hopelessly in love with Him, too.

So I started wondering what object I would liken my position in M’s life to.

I don’t really see myself as a car.  I mean, who buys their car presents? Who, other than collectors, loves their car so much that, when it appears to be broken beyond repair, they do everything in their power to fix it, sparing no cost, even when it’s cheaper to just buy a new car? We maintain the car, and decorate the car as we see fit, and keep it in good working order.  But when it’s in our best interest to junk the car and buy a new one, that’s what we do.  Read more…

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Exploration Pt. 1

January 14th, 2010 2 comments

Duct Tape/Cling Film Dress created by a friend. And yes, that's me 🙂

Yes, I disappeared for a little while again.  I know, I’m a bad girl.  I should be spanked.  Really, I wouldn’t object.  Alright…maybe just a wee bit.

I’ve been dealing with quite a bit this past week.  I came home from my fabulous weekend with my Daddy to hear horrible news of a dear friend of mine’s murder.  Trust me.  It’s been one HELL of a roller coaster.  I’m not going to dwell on the sad news, but rather the good news since that’s what you readers out there want to read.

Daddy (yes, he came out and said, boldly, that he is my Daddy) and I spent the weekend together this one past.  It was a wonderful end to the break and a great start to my semester.  Last weekend was the weekend we had agreed to explore together and experience my full submission physically.  It turned out better than I think he and I both expected.

For starters, when I arrived at their house on Friday afternoon I was put to work.  It felt good to fall into my role as their submissive to easily.  I find great release and joy in serving and have always had a desire to explore domestic service.  I got my chance and I felt right at home.  I cleaned while they both ran errands and made last minute preparations for the party we were having that night.  When he came home it was just so perfect.  I was listening to my iPod and just dancing around with the broom when he walked through the door and kissed me.  It was perfect because the song that was playing right when he grabbed me was “I Got a Feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas.  And yes, it was a sign that the night was going to be fabulous indeed.

He pulled me to him and kissed me so deeply that I was lost.  I felt the world just slip away and I melted into him.  He slid his hands down my back and slipped my pants off.  I pressed myself against him a bit and he threw me over the back of a chair before he assaulted my pussy with his fingers.  I was soaked waiting for him.  He hadn’t let me touch myself for two days.  I was dripping juice down my legs and his fingers.  And then he commanded me cum, right then and there in the foyer…and I did.  My knees nearly buckled beneath me as I came on him and he just smiled before slapping my ass and going to the kitchen to start cooking.  Read more…

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Love that thing we do – A Subtle Dynamic

January 11th, 2010 5 comments

Our Owner/property relationship breaks down to one very easy, very succinct command: Obey. Preferably graciously, but if the shit comes right down to it, just fucking obey. Sounds easy, but can be as hard as all hell from time to time.

He makes all the decisions in this House, from what to get people for gifts up to whether He should apply for a mortgage to buy a house. He is very kind and asks for my input, educates me if i feel ill-informed about it, but His choice is the ultimate decision, no regrets or dissension allowed. Medical, monetary, parental, familial, career is all His purview. i offer what i can and strive to understand what i learn from Him. i am not guaranteed a reason for things, but if i ask nicely and it doesn’t bother Him, He usually explains it to me so i can better understand His train of thought and maybe emulate it myself.

He isn’t much into protocol, which is no surprise for a Man as laidback and cool as He. There are a few standing rules, so i’ll break them up into public/Family and private/Scene  rules.

Public or Family Guidelines:

  • When walking together, stay on the right side, one step over and one step behind.
  • Ask to leave His side.
  • Let Him do the talking to waitstaff and service.
  • Ask permission to buy anything, explain what it is and why i think we need it.
  • Serve Him first if we are alone, serve the kids first if we are with them.
  • Do not criticize, embarrass or disagree with Him in a negative fashion.

Private or kink-aware Guests:

  • Sit by Him, preferably on the floor
  • Ask to go anywhere or do anything different than the current task
  • Listen more than talk
  • Be aware of the small cues that indicate He needs or desires something

On top of the smaller things like above, i cannot leave the house without His prior permission, unless it’s an immediate emergency. i cannot spend any money without clearing it with Him first. i will not make any plans without asking Him first, and i will bow out of an engagement if He so demands it.

i am to do all of the housework, all of the cooking, most of the child-rearing, and to help out at His notice with the larger, more Master-orientated chores on the farm. He provides the house, i make it a home.

i try to keep all of His favorites, His preferences at the top of my mind when i make the meals. If i cannot avoid making something that He doesn’t enjoy, i provide a substitute for Him.  Read more…

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SJP#33: Discovering Fulfillment in Service

August 5th, 2009 2 comments

How did you discover you could be fulfilled in service to another? How did you know to pursue it?

I’m gonna answer this backwards because the fact of the matter is I didn’t know to pursue it.  I originally thought I’d hate it.

For a long time, anything kink related was bedroom specific for me.  And done in secret.  As in, by myself with no one around.  Barrettes on my nipples and clipboard rubber bands on my tits.

Speaking of my tits, I have two burn marks on one.  I was finally able to convince M to burn me with a cigar.  Just… yumm!

Kink related… bedroom specific…

SO! I found out about [[BDSM]] by watching Exit to Eden with my mom.  I watched the people walking around being all sensual and erotic and I thought “Holy shit! That’s for me! Where do I find these people?” But it never occurred to me that people would live like that all the time.  Matter of fact, the very notion that anyone would spend their year in a place like Eden was just mind-blowing for my fifteen year old brain.

I found out I was a masochist long before that.  Almost from the minute I realized it felt nice to have my pussy touched, I was trying to figure out what else felt nice.  For some bizarre reason, I decided to put barrettes on my nipples.  And it felt hella good.

Over the span of my early sexcapades, I found myself trying to get my partners to tell me what to do.  During sex.  No where else.  If they tried to boss me around outside the bedroom, they found themselves in a whole heap of hurt.

And then I met this guy.  And He was really into this whole BDSM thing.  And I had no idea how much just by listening to His ex tell it.  I had no idea how much until I turned to Him and said, “What do you want me to be?” and He said, “My slave.  Forever.”

After a while, I realized that was what I wanted, too.  I liked letting Him control things and make decisions.  I enjoyed serving Him and making Him happy.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

prompt found at SubmissiveGuide

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