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Asshat? Who me?

May 14th, 2009 Comments off

I’ll be the first to admit I can be kind of an asshat. I’m pretty ridiculous when it comes to my standards for women. Seriously.

So I’m sitting here pouting because I’m going through the few groups I’ve found on FetLife that are for people in our area and… the women are not living up to my standards. I mean no offense! Honest! I just have weird standards.

For example, if it’s left up to me, I won’t have anything to do with a woman (beyond friendship, I mean) if she has a fucked up nose. I can’t exactly describe what a “fucked up nose” is. And I don’t think I currently have any friends with fucked up noses or I’d show you a picture of a fucked up nose. I just know it when I see it. A fucked up nose is a deal breaker.

And I don’t really want a “chain sister” who’s over 40. I’m sure there will be exceptions. And it’s got nothing to do with whether or not we’ll have anything in common. From ages 19-22, my best friend was 49-52, so I know that’s not the case. I just… guess I want someone closer to my own age. Read more…

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Because you asked…

March 14th, 2008 No comments

Will you share more pictures?

The short answer is yes, eventually, I hope. I’m not sure when. Originally the Monday morning photos stopped because of work. I’m off on Mondays now but the tasks have not yet resumed. I’m not sure why. I am, however, glad they stopped. Is that bad? I have serious body image problems and the pics make me feel all sorts of icky. Course, that won’t change Master’s decision of whether or not to resume them. But a girl can hope, right?

Is there anything that you have had to give up for slavery that you sometimes miss?

Smoking. Although I’m not sure that counts. I gave it up of my own free will because I didn’t like the fact that I smelled like an ashtray. Master didn’t smoke so I could only imagine it made it that much worse for Him. Once I quit, I wanted it back but He said no way. I miss that more than anything. And I totally get the camaraderie you were talking about. I remember that very well.

Parties. I miss being a social butterfly.

Being able to set my own schedule.
I miss being able to say “Sure!” when work asks me to cover extra shifts. I feel like having to say “I have to ask my husband.” and eventually “I can’t.” makes me appear extremely irresponsible and undependable. At the same time, I’m glad Master controls that, though. Cause I’ve proven in the past that I’d spend all of my time at work and none of it with Him and that would suck more than being viewed as irresponsible and undependable by a group of people I really don’t have much respect for anyway.

Moving. Not the actual packing and moving to a different house part. That part sucks. But I’ve changed cities and/or states every 6 months to three years since I was two years old. I miss deciding to just pick up and go somewhere new. And the weather in Upstate NY sucks, besides.

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June 23rd, 2007 No comments

I think the reason it hurts me so bad these days is because I
long for a sister. Iâ??m dying for someone to share, not only the responsibility
of pleasing Him, but the joy and love and wonder Iâ??ve found in my slavery. Someone
I can discuss things with who will understand where Iâ??m coming from, being in
the same position herself. Someone I can eagerly befriend, be required to
befriend, and not have to feel guilty when I have to pull away.

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Rough Sex and Facing Fears

March 27th, 2007 No comments

�Suck on these.� He growled as He shoved His fingers in my
mouth. And I did. Fervently. Relishing the taste of myself as more fingers
roamed over my body and fucked my pussy.

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February 23rd, 2007 No comments

Chain sisters. They seem to be every slaveâ??s worst
nightmare. Even mine, depending on the woman. While Iâ??m most definitely
bisexual and I absolutely want to have a sister slave (and not only because Iâ??d
have someone to share the housework with, though thatâ??s definitely a perk!),
sometimes the girls Master shows interest in just do not appeal to me. Be it
their appearance or their personality, what have you.

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A Master?

July 17th, 2006 No comments

On occasion rayne runs into some things that make her really sit back and just say, "What… the fuck?" In these instances, she"s almost always already written her blog entry for the day and she knows that if she doesn"t write about it right this minute she"ll forget what it was. Today is one of those instances. Of course, she probably should either ask Master to look into revamping the blogs (again) so that they do running entries for days like today, or figure out how to do it herself (though she"s not really that far in her foray into learning about web-building and design – perhaps she should get a move on, eh?).

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