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No Such Thing as Sex Positivity in Schenectady

March 15th, 2016 Comments off

It’s funny. It seems the harder we work for sex positivity in America (and the rest of the world), the less open Capital Region, New York is to all things sexual.

As most of you know, I live in Schenectady (skeh-neck-tuh-dee) County. Though lately people are calling it “Little New York” because of its crime rate, Schenectady, and its surrounding towns, don’t come close to the openminded atmosphere believed to be found in New York City. Acceptance, tolerance, and intelligence are at an all time low, here in the Capital Region. Sex is still something we don’t discuss. And being open about your sexuality has become something to be offended by.

What do I mean?

A few years ago, a bed and breakfast was closed down because it became common knowledge that the owner was hosting swingers parties and kink munches. There are rumors flying around about the reasons behind the city agreeing to force the doors closed. Some are saying that the B&B’s patrons were having sex outside, raising all sorts of hell, blasting the radio at ungodly levels till all hours of the night. People who frequented the B&B say those complaining about it are full of crap. But we all know, when a witch hunt’s afoot, people on both sides will say anything. Read more…

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Sexuality in Schenectady – The Adult Industry Edition

September 30th, 2011 3 comments

I am, in some ways, built to be a journalist. In large crowds, you can find me mostly on the fringes, observing the people around me. I’ve always been that person. Leave me alone at a party, and while I’m definitely not a wallflower, you’ll most often find me listening to someone intently, trying to learn all there is to know about them before they lose interest in talking about themselves. And then, I move on to the next person who looks like they’re just dying to talk about themselves.

My genuine curiosity has helped me to learn so much about the human race. Most people are comfortable talking to me and they tell me so much more than they’d tell other people. And it allows me to befriend people most wouldn’t even talk to. The fact that I used to be one of them helps a bit, too. Read more…

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