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Middle School Wisdom As It Applies to BDSM

March 14th, 2016 Comments off

Most of the things I learned in middle school didn’t sink in until I was an adult. Like when Mom repeatedly pointed out that if I kept things semi-organized, my day would go a lot smoother, or when Dad told us, over and over, that if we did things the right way the first time, we wouldn’t have to stop doing something fun to do them again later.

When I was a kid, me and my dad used to butt heads a lot. A LOT. I was a budding feminist, you see, and my dad is a good ol’ boy from Texas.

I actually feel kind of bad for referring to him that way. He means well. We just don’t see eye to eye on a lot of things, and especially most things political.

I can’t say for sure, but I think he’ll vote blue if the GOP puts Trump up as their nominee, so I guess there’s that. Read more…

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I do things at my own pace.

July 20th, 2011 4 comments

So I’m peeing, and M walks through the hall. One of the cats has kicked kitty litter all over the floor. It’s like they decided to play sand castle or some shit.

M hates that. So do I. And He’s all, “You need to sweep this up.”

So since I was done peeing anyway, wiping and all, I walk into the kitchen, grab the broom and sweep up the kitty litter. Read more…

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30DoK: Define Your Kinky Self by Jade

January 17th, 2011 Comments off


Rayne’s been bugging everyone for a guest post defining their kinky selves for the writing project Thirty Days of Kink. Next up, Jade of Pieces of Jade.

From Jade’s Bio: I am what you see here…and yet so much more.  These are just pieces of me, of who I am and what I do.

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

As Scarlet Lotus says in her first 30 Days of Kink post, much of what I have been writing about all along in my blog has been about just that: discovering who I am in kink, musing on where I’ve been, talking about where I am now, exploring where I’m going. It’s been, and continues to be, a wild ride.

I’ve been practicing BDSM for about 10 years now, off and on, and in those years have learned much about myself and what makes me tick, and yet I am still learning, all the time, and it is still hard to pin just one label on myself. Read more…

Public Protocol – His Way or No Way

August 4th, 2010 3 comments

A while back, a couple of my friends asked me what’s keeping M and me from going to public kink stuff.  Munches, play parties, events, what have you.  I usually poo-poo it off with our shyness and lack of fetish wear.  My low self-esteem, and His gimongous workload.  Our empty wallet.  But there’s more to it that I don’t often talk about.

M’s afraid I’ll embarrass Him.  Either with a disrespectful joke at His expense, or my tendency to interrupt and talk over Him, or my occasional temper tantrums, or… He doesn’t mind so much that I’m clumsy.  It brings Him countless hours of entertainment.  It’s mostly the disrespectful behavior that He has a problem with.  Read more…

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