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Fundraiser – Toys for Tots

October 21st, 2010 1 comment

I dunno if you guys know AshlyStar.  She blogs over at Not Your Average Chick.  She’s super cool, and super fun, and super nice… and she LOVES hockey, the weirdo.  She lives in Texas! There’s no ice in Texas! It’s just square (As in the shape, not “You’re such a square, Dad!”, though I’m still confused about why we decided a square is more boring than, say, a triangle, or a rectangle.  They all have straight sides, and corners.  And a triangle only has three sides! Surely, that makes it more boring than a square!) towns, with straight roads, and a buncha cowboys (if only at heart) screaming about football.  All the ice in Texas is man made!

Last year, she did a fundraiser for Toys for Tots, which is run by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve, and unfortunately, by the time I noticed, it was a day or two before Toys for Tots stopped accepting donations for the year, and we were broke as usual.

I’d heard of Toys for Tots before, and I’ve donated to them before.  My mother and I donated toys, food and money to so many organizations that center around the holidays and underprivileged families when I was growing up that I can’t even remember all of them.  Unfortunately, since I moved out, I’ve been pretty poor, so the most I’ve been able to do is let people know about organizations they can donate to.  Read more…