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Long Overdue

November 10th, 2009 Comments off

I apologize for the delay in my posting.  That silly thing called life got in the way of my posting.  We should tie it up and beat it into submission.  Hey, it sounded like a good idea to me.

The past few weeks have definitely been interesting.  I say interesting because of the fact that I had two awesome weeks and one and a half absolutely awful.  Let’s start with the awful and work our way up from there.  The past week and a half I’ve been sick.  It started as the flu and now I think I’ve got bronchitis.  Wonderful, right?  Oh, it only gets better.  On top of coughing my lungs up and shoving them back down into my chest, I’ve got two projects, a paper, and finals coming up.  Doesn’t my life sound dandy?  You’re damn right it is.  /sarcasm.

Now, onto happier things.  First of all, I have a job interview on Thursday.  I am so excited about possibly working retail again for Christmas.  Last year I worked through the holiday and loved the rush.  Day after Thanksgiving shopping was insane, but I enjoyed the 13 hour shift I had the privilege of working.  I’m not being sarcastic either.  I might need to get a shot from the doctor on Wednesday.  My sarcasm fountain is running dry.

Alright, now that I’ve caught you up on current events, let’s delve into the past.  I got to see my wonderful M two weekends in a row.  I went through withdrawls when I couldnt’ see him last weekend.  Trust me, the distance isn’t that bad since we are only three hours from each other, but the fact that I won’t see him again until the week before Christmas really blows a load.  We will get through it, though.  I’ve got enough to keep me busy until then with school.

So, let me take you on a journey back to Halloween weekend.  And so we begin. Read more…

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Women in Kink

October 26th, 2009 Comments off

Tonight was the first meeting of a new social group called Women in Kink (WINK) here in New Orleans.  I have to say that I was highly impressed with our first meeting for the little that I was able to stay for.  Two of the members of our club, NOBLE, took a step towards organizing and networking with the kinky women in our community.  I am glad that they did.

Before tonight, I never really understood why there would be a need for the women in our community to have their own time to get together, chit chat, gossip, and have a low key therapy session.  I went to an all girl high school and had those sessions every single day so the thought never really crossed my mind.  To be honest, I thought that we were going to just sit around and gossip.  I like surprises and indeed I got one.

I am a huge social butterfly and at parties I flit around and try to talk to everyone.  It was pleasant to meet a new woman in our community and I really hope that she comes around to more parties and events.  Even sitting around the table with familiar faces wasn’t the same and they weren’t the same women that I know just from casual hellos and conversation.  Tonight we really got to know each other and get a bit more in depth as to who we are on the inside as well as the outside. Read more…

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Tab and Vieux vs LDR

October 23rd, 2009 Comments off

As stated in my bio, my M and I are in a long distance relationship.  Our long distance relationship is not like many that you see online on collarme, fetlife, or wherever you choose to involve yourself.  Many long distance relationships, from my observations in the past, have been strictly online and the couple rarely sees each other.

We aren’t quite like that description.

While we are long distance, he and I are only three hours away from each other.  It is easy for either of us to pick up and drive to see the other on any given weekend.  Due to school, work, and family obligations, however, we are not able to do so on the regular basis.  Tab and I met on Fetlife on one of the message boards for the local community, NOBLE, that we are both involved in.  He and I hit it off immediately through playful banter and back and forth nonsense and when we moved to instant messaging and the phone we just knew we had to see each other.  And we did.

He and I made arrangements to meet each other on the fourth of July weekend.  I was a nervous wreck.  I normally don’t drive on a whim to meet a stranger from the internet.  He and I have mutual friends who encouraged me to meet him, so I took the chance and I am glad that I did.  He is simply one in a million, in my book.

Since our initial meeting, we have seen each other four times since.  Why so few times?  Like I said before, we have family and work obligations that keep us from seeing each other on the regular basis.  I have been in long distance relationships before where it was strictly internet based and I only saw my significant other at the time three times in the year and half that we were together.  Tab and I have only been together for going on five months now.  I think we’re doing well in regards to seeing each other.  Read more…

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