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Product Review: Bondage Ring Barrel Nipple Clamps by XR Brands

December 8th, 2015 1 comment

Bondage Ring Barrel Nipple Clamps by XR Brands***Use code RAYNE at checkout for 10% off your entire order!***

Ooo, what’s that?

So when I originally requested these clamps, I was under the impression that they worked more like clover clamps than adjustable clamps. I was wrong. Reading the product description probably would have saved me a little face, but hey, whatever.

Those are the Bondage Ring Barrel Nipple Clamps by XR Brands, and they’re not bad.

How’s it made?

They’re made of coated bronze, plastic, and rubber. They’re about four and a half inches long, and they’re a little heavier than most nipple clamps. Read more…

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Product Review: Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice Clamps by XR Brands

November 25th, 2015 1 comment

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 10.27.58 AM***Use code RAYNE at checkout for 10% off your entire order!***

Ooo, what’s that?

Come on, man1! You know that’s a set of clover clamps!

They’re the Sterling Monarch Nipple Vice Clamps from XR Brands, and can I just say that we’ve never in our lives owned such a sturdy pair of clamps?

How’s it made?

The clamps are made of metal and they’re each about 3.5 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. The chain that connects them is about 12 inches long, giving them an overall length of 19 inches. They’re stronger than most clamps and the protective pads are more grabby. But the best part is you can tuck them in a purse, or an overnight bag and none would be the wiser…except that nosy TSA agent who knows damn well it’s not a bomb. Read more…

30DoK: Define Your Kinky Self by SeaofNeptune

January 31st, 2011 Comments off

Rayne’s been bugging everyone for a guest post defining their kinky selves for the writing project Thirty Days of Kink. Next up, Neptune from Sea of Neptune.

From Neptune’s bio: I’m a beginner toy reviewer/blogger and a current college student. I live with a super awesome boyfriend and I am currently just trying to enjoy life.

Day 1: Dom, sub, switch? What parts of BDSM interest you? Give us an interesting in-depth definition of what that means to you. Basically define your kinky self for us.

Hi, my name is Neptune and I love all things kinky. I’m still a novice and I have been exploring this side of my sexuality for a bit of time now. My partner and I are still exploring and experimenting with each other, so right now we switch between the dominant and submissive roles. I am sure that he and I will continue to do so until we settle in our preferred role. For some reason, I tend to feel awkward being the Dom, but it always depends on my mood. When I think about being the Dom and planning things, I always shrink and become shy – but when it’s more in the heat of the moment, I have no issue. I don’t know why that is, I guess I just feel like the spotlight is shining on me and I freeze. Part of the reason I feel that being submissive is easier for me is because I am naturally dominant in regular life. I have a dominant personality; I am strong and willing to take control of everyday situations without an issue. So, I guess that I enjoy giving that up and having someone else take control. To make my decisions for me and tell me what needs to be done. The same may go for my partner as well, he is naturally laid back and willing to go with the flow. So I am sure he enjoys getting the chance to be fully in control for once. Read more…

Like Rollin’ on E… Only Not

October 5th, 2009 6 comments


Before I start this, I want to… I don’t know.  Babble more, I guess.  I was completely and utterly gone five minutes into this scene.  As in, I’ve only been this far gone on mind-altering substances.  As in, I was completely sober when we started playing but, when He let me down, I felt like I’d just taken a triple dose of Ecstasy (MDMA).  That claim is not an exaggeration and I have experience on which to base it.

My Twitter friends (the ones who were on) didn’t seem all that surprised.  I don’t remember ever reacting that way to a scene before.  I mean, a marijuana high, maybe.  Floaty and spacey and such.  But this was, without a doubt, exactly like the peak of a triple dose of Ecstasy.  My vision was crazy, my body tense and I was trembling like a leaf.  I loved it.

He took a lot of pictures but He hasn’t really edited much.  And He made a playlist specifically for the scene that He’s going to email me.  As soon as the photos are edited and I have the list, I’ll be sure they go up.

I don’t remember much.  What I do remember is jumbled.  And I’m a little on the droppy side.  So if this makes sense at all I’m thanking… somebody.

Oh… And just a forewarning to my friends who “absolutely have to have aftercare”? I’m not trying to be mean, but it would probably be in your best interests not to whine to me about going without anymore.  Ever.


Cin had just barely shown up online so I could teach her a few things she needs to know how to do, when Master ordered me off to the shower.  I had no idea what was going on.  I don’t know if I was supposed to or what.  So I got huffy and stomped into the bathroom.

When I got out, Master got in and when He got out, He said, “Get every toy you own and lay them out on the couch neatly.”

“Ooo! You should take a picture of them all so I can post it!” I squealed and He gave me one of His amused, Oh, Rayne. looks.  “What? You… should.”  I faltered.

I watched as He began setting things up.  His tripod came out.  The camera.  A blanket went up for a solid background rather than His desk and bookshelf.

“Go stand in the doorway.  I need to see if I can do anything about the lighting.”

And that’s when it happened.  A knot the size of Texas formed in the pit of my stomach as I realized it had finally come.  The day I’d been begging for.  He was going to play with me like He used to.  Read more…

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