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One Mouse Humanely Removed…Sort Of.

September 21st, 2016 Comments off

So we were watching Lucifer, when we heard this crash.

“What the fuck was that?” I asked the man of the house.

“I don’t know. I hope it was the cats,” he replied.

We both got up, and he walked into the bedroom.

“It’s the mouse,” he yelled, and then proceeded to just stand there while Priss chased it around the room.

I knew it was going to be my responsibility to get it, because he can’t handle mice. Or bugs. Or most things that are creepy crawly.

He knew it, too, as he just stood there in the doorway, preventing me from getting inside. Read more…

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Mouse Poop Ruins the Morning

September 16th, 2016 3 comments

The morning started off great. Gave Master a blow job. He got me off.

…then I opened the silverware drawer.

Our new house is an old farmhouse built in the 1800s, so I expected mice. I just wasn’t expecting them this soon. Bleh.

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The State of the Move

September 7th, 2016 3 comments

The view from our bedroom.

The view from our bedroom.

So today makes a week.

Last Wednesday, we were breaking our backs loading the U-Haul, trying to calm yowling cats on the ride in the U-Haul, unloading the U-Haul, and then dying.

Okay, so we didn’t die. But for a minute, it felt like we were going to.

My knees seem to be healing up nicely. After carrying boxes and furniture up a ramp, down a ramp, and up stairs, they felt like they were just going to snap. But they didn’t. And now, though the bad one (that has been “the bad one” since I woke up on the day of my 6th birthday skating party and couldn’t put any weight on it) is rather creaky, they’re mostly back to normal.

My hands, however, are not. The tips of my fingers have been pins and needles pretty much every minute since moving day. They start to feel normal if I just let them hang by my sides for an hour, but who has time for that? Definitely not this little gray duck. I mean, I live in this big, beautiful house, now, and it just demands that I clean it constantly because it would be a damn shame to let it get messy and be less beautiful.

I’ve never felt that way about a house before. Read more…

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