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Because Stereotyping Men Totally Makes Your Case

July 28th, 2010 5 comments

The other day, on Twitter, Brit linked an article on My Fault, I’m Female.  It’s a feminist blog screaming about sexism and “rape culture”.  They accept stories from women everywhere about being the victim of our “male chauvinist society”.

Names and faces are kept private to protect the women involved, so posters are, essentially, anonymous.  Which gives the reader nothing to go on but the poster’s word.  But apparently, that’s all that’s needed when labeling someone a chauvinist.

From their bio: Read more…

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A misogynist, am I? Prove it.

February 21st, 2010 8 comments

I was accused of being a misogynist, today.

Well, actually, it was yesterday, but I just saw it today.

I think that’s a first for me.  At least, to my face.  Although I suppose people probably have made the reasonable assumption that, since I don’t normally comment, and almost never on other people’s comments, I don’t read comments.  So maybe they didn’t think I’d see it.

Which, you know, what the fuck? I may have problems with my own opinion of myself, but others’ opinions of me? Seriously, man, if you’ve got something to say come say it.  You might be surprised.  I might tell you you’re absolutely right.  I might also point out which is your ass and which is a hole in the ground, but you never know.

My best friends, second only to Master, are women.  At least one of them is a stereotypical female from start to finish.  She’s jealous, and finicky, and petty, and catty, and frustratingly stubborn, and a drama queen, and an attention whore, and flighty, and impetuous, and… And I love her to bits for all her faults.

I’m bisexual.  And before Master, the only relationships I could make work for any period of time were with women.

I have six daughters, for Christ’s sake.  Granted, I admittedly hate one of them, but I have good reason, and none of them have anything to do with her being female.

A misogynist.  Ha.

For the record, just in case anyone’s confused, being an owned female who doesn’t agree with all the points and propaganda of feminism does not a misogynist make.

I have no problem whatsoever with the empowerment of women, up to and until the point of equality.  Anything beyond that smacks of misandry, and I will not condone it, even if that gives people the incorrect impression that I hate women.

Come on, ladies.  From the tone of the comment, it seems the general consensus among the sex blogging community is that I am, in fact a misogynist.  So put your money where your mouth is.  Tell me why.  Prove it, and I’ll concede the point.

But, honestly? I call bullshit.

Edited to add my response on Brit’s blog to Sarahbear’s comment:

I have to say I was not the least bit surprised to see that the two biggest misogynists I’ve seen in this community (Eliot and Rayne) were agreeing whole-heartedly with C&B’s post. Unfortunately, nothing is ever going to change with those sorts of attitudes. When we choose to get offended by things and become defensive, rather than see the truth in them and try to apply that truth towards change, we’ll just remain in a fucked up place.

Wait… what? You don’t even know me.

So because I’m friends with Eliot, owned property, don’t stand by feminist propaganda, and agree with, what I understood as, a declaration that if people as a whole would stop buying into privilege, it would cease to exist, I hate women? You guys sure are funny.

I don’t hate women. I’m firmly bisexual. I love women.

I hate stupid women. I hate women who blindly follow the herd, rather than forming their own opinions. And would you look at that? I hate stupid men who blindly follow the herd without forming their own opinions, too. So I guess that makes me an equal opportunity hater. ~smiles sweetly~

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“All men are potential rapists” breeds fear and mistrust. Not caution.

January 31st, 2010 23 comments

Okay enough of this passive-aggressive, “commenting on this phrase without really saying what I feel” bullshit.  This post might be offensive.  It might cost me readers.  But to be perfectly honest, I don’t care.  I’m not tiptoeing around this shit anymore.  If you can’t handle my opinion, belly up to the bar and put your money where your mouth is.  Cause this “Women should be paranoid.” shit is driving me up a fucking wall.

Women, and especially victims, have enough issues to deal with without fearing every known or unknown man in their lives.

To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve lost count of how many times I was raped.  My ex used to rape me any time I wasn’t interested in sex.  I was almost raped by a stranger I took a ride from, but I managed to escape.  A couple Johns who didn’t want to pay.  My fiance’s roommate when I stopped by his house to give him a ride to pick up his prescription on Halloween.

I was never really afraid.  Somehow, I knew I’d get through it mostly unharmed.  And I always did.  Mentally and physically.  I maybe spent one or two days moping, and then I picked myself up, shook it off and moved on with my life.

No group sessions, or rape counselors, or repeating over and over exactly what happened to anyone who would listen.  Matter of fact, there are quite a few things no one, except me and the people who did them to me, knows about.  Not because I’ve blocked them out or haven’t dealt with them.  But because I don’t see the point in sharing them.  I don’t need a “poor baby”, or a pat on the back, or someone to understand me, or empathize with me, or tell me they know what I’m going through.  I’ve been getting along just fine without any of that, and I plan to continue to get along just fine without it.

At least half of the times I was raped were my own fault.  You’re god damn right, that’s victim blaming.  Because the victim is partially to blame in my case.  Because I intentionally put myself in harm’s way.  I got in cars with strangers in bad neighborhoods, and went home alone with shady characters, and went to parties that I knew would only have one or two other girls there, and stayed with a man who I knew would have let me walk away if I wanted to without lifting a finger to me or his children.  Probably would have even sent me away with body guards if I asked him to.  Though that’s mostly cause then he could keep tabs on me.

I completely agree we should be teaching victims caution.  But teaching them to fear every man?  Read more…