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December 3rd, 2003 Comments off

I am sitting here in absolute shock and blinking my eyes repeatedly praying that this isn’t a dream. I have just happened upon an article that I mostly agree with! The funny thing is, I added the site to my favorites ages ago because I liked their version of the rose ceremony and never got around to reading the rest of the site. And now here I sit enthralled by every article I choose to read.

The article I just finished reading is written by Jack Rinella and is an answer to a question he received from someone else. The question asked is basically what’s with third person speech, capitalizing doms’ names, lower casing submissives’ names, the whole O/our thing online? Why do people use it? Is it Old Guard?

His answer basically says: No, it isn’t Old Guard. No, it isn’t mandatory. And people who use it are following a protocol that has been more recently developed than Old Guard. He refers to this type of speak as slavese. He goes on to talk about how slavese isn’t required and doesn’t make a slave “good” or “bad.” He also says that the slave should act according to his/her owners wishes, and if they’re not owned, according to what they think is right or the type of dom they wish to attract. I like that. Not too many abide by that anymore. Read more…