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Public Protocol – His Way or No Way

August 4th, 2010 3 comments

A while back, a couple of my friends asked me what’s keeping M and me from going to public kink stuff.  Munches, play parties, events, what have you.  I usually poo-poo it off with our shyness and lack of fetish wear.  My low self-esteem, and His gimongous workload.  Our empty wallet.  But there’s more to it that I don’t often talk about.

M’s afraid I’ll embarrass Him.  Either with a disrespectful joke at His expense, or my tendency to interrupt and talk over Him, or my occasional temper tantrums, or… He doesn’t mind so much that I’m clumsy.  It brings Him countless hours of entertainment.  It’s mostly the disrespectful behavior that He has a problem with.  Read more…

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Fake Pleasantries v. Raw Emotion

August 2nd, 2010 2 comments

So not too long ago, I joined a group on Fet called Not Quite Ready For Polite Company M/s-ers .  I haven’t done a whole lot of participating.  Or reading, for that matter.  Matter of fact, the only reason I’ve been on Fet at all in the past few weeks is because Kaya dropped me a line.  So I’m really not sure if I’m suited to this group.  I followed Kaya and tora there, and have only sort of been paying attention to the topics of discussion and how people respond.  (Read: I have no idea if you’ll like this group.  Don’t join just because I did thinking it’s gonna be super cool.)

A while back, though, they had a thread about this.  Sort of.  The questions were, “Are you required to maintain a pleasant demeanor at all times? How’s that working out for you?”  Read more…

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