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jenpet and Dweaver had some questions…

March 9th, 2010 Comments off

jenpet, for March Question Month, asked:

  • If you could live anywhere in the world, (with no worries about income – ya know, the ultimate pipedream), where would you and Melen really like to live?

I want to live in Ireland.  Or the perfect Ireland replica with my own laws.  That would be cool.

M… M says He wants to live on the Lost island minus the time jumps and smoke monsters.  O.o

Dweaver asked:

  • What’s your most/least favorite pain toy when it’s used on you?

My most and least favorite are the same thing.  The Delrin Cane.  I’m not really sure what’s wrong with me, but there it is.

  • Have you ever done electric play of any kind? If so, what did you think about it? If not, do you want to at some point?

If, by electric play, you mean standing in a puddle whilst unplugging a refrigerator that’s spewing coolant and having “lightning” shoot from the corner of your eye to the back of said fridge, then yes.  I’ve done electric play.  If not, then I guess the answer must be no.  ~ducks~

I’m kinda intrigued and a little scared at the same time.  I mean, that shock I got? While it didn’t really hurt, per se, it was rather weird feeling.  That feeling intentionally? I’m not sure.  The jury’s still out.

  • What celeb do you fantasize the most about Melen lending you to, and how does he or she use you in your thoughts?

I dunno.  That’s a serious toss up.  I mean, on the one hand, Greg Grunberg is that “every day Joe” kind of beautiful and I would just die for him to even notice me, much less borrow me from M.  On the other hand, Christian Bale is Ken doll beautiful in that “American Psycho” kinda way (I guess that makes sense since he starred in that movie.) and just picturing his face makes me wet my panties.

And then there’s Kevin Smith.  Ahhh… Kevin Smith.

I’m such a weirdo.  Aren’t girls supposed to be creaming their panties over, like… Tom Cruise or something?

Anyway… I’m not very creative in the use.  Usually I play the trophy girl for a little while, and then I have my face ground into what I really am: a fuck toy.  And boys can do whatever they want with their fuck toys.  Can you imagine what those boys would want to do with theirs? Mmm….

Oh! And it’s March again! That means…

March 2nd, 2010 2 comments

…y’all get to ask me questions.   Last year, only Carrie asked me questions.  Year before that, it was just Kaya I think.

This year, I’ve got tricks up my sleeve!

So… Y’all saw me mention the other day, right? Well… you see… you can ask questions anonymously there.  I figure that’s just perfect for you guys since so many of you like to stay out of the spot light.  I figure you can post questions here, in comments, or over on (Just click that link!).  Put at the end of the question “MQM” and I’ll answer it here so you don’t even have to follow me on

Matter of fact, if, once March is over, you put IDR at the end of anonymous questions on, I’ll answer the question here then, too!

How awesome am I? I know.  I love me, too. =D

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