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Product Review: Spunk Pure Silicone by @SpunkLube

August 22nd, 2013 2 comments

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Ooo, what’s that?

So you’ve read about Spunk Hybrid, and Spunk Pink. How’s about a pure silicone, body safe, paraben free version? Spunk’s got one of those, too, and it’s aptly named Spunk Pure Silicone.

What’d it come in?

It came in discreet packaging and the bottles were sealed. The bottle is recyclable like the other Spunk products. But again…no pump top. I want pump tops!

Edited to add: I’ve since spoken with the manufacturer about the pump top situation. He says he tested this lube with tons, and TONS of pump tops, and with every single one, it leaked. No pump tops, then! Leaky lube is no good. Either way, the top on this one isn’t bad. It doesn’t leak, and it’s easy to gauge how much or how little your putting in your hands. Read more…

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Product Review: Spunk Pink by @SpunkLube

August 22nd, 2013 Comments off
Ignore the water droplets. It was the only way to keep the cat hair off!

Ignore the water droplets. It was the only way to keep the cat hair off!

Ooo, what’s that?

If you read my review on Spunk Hybrid, and you were hoping for a Glycerine free version, Spunk Pink by D. Enterprises is the lube for you. It’s the same basic formula, same look and feel, just without Glycerine.

Plus? It’s pink. So, you know, added cool points for you pink lovers. My sister would LOVE this lube.

What’d it come in?

The packaging was discreet, and the bottles were sealed, but that’s honestly as much as I remember. I’m the type that latches on to negative stuff, so if there was something negative, I’d remember that! The bottle the lube’s actually in is made of the same recyclable plastic as Spunk Hybrid, but it doesn’t have a pump top.  Read more…

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Product Review: Spunk Hybrid by @SpunkLube

August 16th, 2013 2 comments

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Ooo, what’s that?

Have you ever masturbated with cum? Wished you could, but were afraid of the potential STIs? This lube is for you. It’s Spunk Lube by D. Enterprises.

What’d it come in?

You know, I’ve already forgotten. I mean, I remember the package was discreet, and the bottles were all sealed, but I can’t, for the life of me, remember what KIND of package it was in. Oops. I guess I shoulda written it down.

The lube itself is in a pump top recyclable plastic bottle. All lube should have tops like this one. It sticks out far enough so that you can put your hand under it, and dispense the goo with no mess. I love this concept. Lube is messy enough without having to futz around with the lid. Read more…

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Product Review: Toyfluid by Fun Factory

August 20th, 2010 Comments off

41978Ooo, what’s that?

I’ve been babbling about it for… weeks? Months? It’s Fun Factory’s Toyfluid, and it’s my all time fave.

I know… I know… A lot of my most recent purchases have been my all time faves.  But here’s the thing… I’ve been buying really quality products lately! And you can, too, if you use coupon code “D24” for 15% off your entire purchase!

What’d it come in?

Toyfluid comes in that nifty silver bottle you see to the right, there.  Mine, however, instead of having “Love yourself!” up the side of the bottle, has it written on the bottom of the red and tan label, complete with ingredients, and pictures of the LAYAspot, Delight, Smart Balls, and what appears to be Heartbreaker II, though I could be wrong.  It’s one of their various g-spot vibes, at any rate.

Read more…

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Product Review: Warming Massage Glide by System JO

March 12th, 2010 2 comments

Ooo, what’s that?

Every time a new massage oil shows up on our doorstep, M asks me a variation of the question, “Don’t we have enough?”

My answer? Not in the least.  I’m on the hunt for “the perfect massage oil” and let me tell you… System JO’s definitely on the right track.  This is Warming Massage Glide, a personal lubricant and massage oil, by System JO.

What’d it come in?

It comes in a clear plastic recyclable bottle with a black push-top lid.  It’s four and one-half fluid ounces.  The label is red and silver and lists a lot of hefty claims.

What’s in it?

Ingredients: polydimethylsiloxane, decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, octamethylcyclotetrasiloxane, dimethylsiloxane, hydroxy-terminated, capsium (cayenne), peppermint essential oil

Polydimethylsiloxane is sometimes called “dimethicone” and is often used in shampoo, contact lenses, elastomers, medical devices, caulking, lubricating oils and heat resistant tiles.  It’s clear, shiny and slick.  And it’s an organic polymer.  Read more…

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New Shampoo, Getting Healthy and Plugged at the Office

March 10th, 2010 4 comments

Did I tell you I switched shampoos? I can’t remember.

We’ve been using Suave forever.  Normal Suave, Suave Professionals and Suave Daily Clarifying.  It’s cheap.  It smells nice.  It cleans.

But it leaves my hair looking like shit.

While I must admit that Suave Daily Clarifying works better than normal Suave, and Suave Professionals (all the versions but one… I forget which one) works even better than that, my coarse, half-way-between-straight-and-wavy hair just refuses to be tamed by any and all Suave products.

So after bugging Carrie a billion times about what she used before she got all uppity and started using salon brands, I began the process of talking M into believing I needed better shampoo.  And it worked! He let me buy Pantene’s stuff for long hair.  Beautiful Lengths, maybe? Anyway…

So I’ve been using this new shampoo for twenty days.  I wash my hair every other day, so that means, what? Ten washes? I condition every time.  Did with Suave, too.  And here’s the differences I’ve noticed:

  • My hair isn’t anywhere near as frizzy.
  • It looks much healthier.
  • It’s stronger.
  • It falls out less.
  • My hair is actually half-way between wavy and straight, not half-way between wavy and curly.
  • It stays clean longer.
  • I don’t have to use anywhere near as much product (shampoo, conditioner, or styling products) as I did when I was using Suave.
  • My hair’s no where near as dry as it used to be.

I can actually wear my hair down now without worrying about how poofy and frizzy and gross it looks.  Which is probably at least part of the reason it’s breaking less.  But! That’s still a plus for Pantene, because I’m leaving it down more because it looks better, and it looks better because I’m using Pantene.

Why am I telling you this? Just in case some of my submissive readers are having a hard time convincing their owners that you get what you pay for when it comes to shampoo.  There’s no doubt in my mind that Carrie’s hair is still better than mine cause the silly snot is paying for salon brands.  But I’m on the fast track to good hair, and it’s all thanks to her, so I suppose she’s allowed to be a silly snot.  😛  Read more…

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