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#LadyPornDay: My Porn Experience

February 22nd, 2011 Comments off

Did you hear? Today is #LadyPornDay. Rachel Rabbit White (whose name I am completely infatuated with… not to mention that adorable face) started it, and it’s taking the blogosphere by storm. What’s it about? From Rachel’s page:

At it’s heart, this is about celebrating pornography and masturbation. It is an opportunity for ladies of all genders (or however you identify) to open up a dialog: What is feminist porn? What is your history with porn? What do you find hot? And ultimately it’s a dare to share your hot links. Because the more we can openly talk about porn and what we like, the more likely it is that porn for women will continue being made. And really guys have been sharing and recommending porn for ages! So help a sister out.

I don’t review a lot of porn. I have some that I need to review. The company’s probably written it off as a bad investment. Soon. Maybe this weekend.

We haven’t really bought any porn in a while, either. The last time we went out to an adult store, or something, and picked out a flick or two from the giant bin in the middle of the fluorescent lights and CalExotics toys was 2004, and even though we went for things that should have been right up our alley, they bombed. I console myself with the fact that we fully intend to subscribe to in the very near future, and we watch a lot of clips on a lot of the hubs. That’s a money thing. Some of the sites we’d like to pay to belong to are too expensive. Read more…

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