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13yo Boy Kisses 14yo Girl, Is Charged With Assault

September 16th, 2015 Comments off

I’m just…wow. I can’t even with the way we’re going, these days. One day, I’ll look at the news, and it’s like “Yay! We decided denying same sex couples marriage equality is against the Constitution! The Supreme Court finally did it right!” (which is really, really awesome) and the next it’s, “Boy, 13, Charged With Assault for Allegedly Kissing Girl, 14, Against Her Will.”

Burn it down. BURN IT ALL DOWN.

Okay, that reaction might be slightly tinged with PMDD-induced rage. Sorry. Let’s wait on burning it all down until I’ve mellowed.

It’s not the first time we’ve gone completely overboard with our attempts to ‘protect the children’. In 2013, a 6yo boy was suspended from school and had ‘sexual harassment’ placed on his permanent school record because he kissed a girl in his class on the hand (due to negative backlash, the school quietly removed the sexual harassment charge later that month). Read more…

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My day begins and ends with kisses.

December 8th, 2014 1 comment

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It’s a beautiful thing.

In the morning, we wake up. One of us rolls over to the other one, and kisses them. Sometimes, just a few light pecks on the lips. Sometimes teeny kisses on shoulder blades that feel like fairy wings. Sometimes long, teasing kisses up and down a back or side.

It’s hard to choose a favorite. Even when M grabs my hair and turns my face up so he can own my lips with his, it’s so sweet I want to melt. Read more…

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