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Product Review: SinFive Emigi by Wolwin GmbH

September 10th, 2010 Comments off

For comparison – Top: Plastic Ben Wa Balls, Bottom: Teneo Uno, Left: Teneo Duo, Right: Smartballs, Middle: Emigi

Ooo, what’s that?

It kinda looks like a peanut with a tail, doesn’t it? It’s SinFive Emigi by Wolwin GmbH, and so far, I’m totally hooked on this line.  (Haha! Pun Optional!)

What’d it come in?

This adorable little clear plastic pouch with the instructions folded up on a white piece of paper inside that doubles as the label.   Read more…

Product Review: Teneo Uno and Duo by Fun Factory

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

Ooo, what’re those?

Those are Teneo Uno and Duo from the Smart Balls line by Fun Factory.

What’d they come in?

They both came in their own little gray and red cardboard box complete with magnetic flaps that open to reveal an in depth description of the toys.  Inside, tucked safely between cardboard and the molded plastic that holds the balls in place, you’ll find a pamphlet with instructions and a sample of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water based lube.  Read more…

Product Review: Smart Balls by Fun Factory

October 18th, 2009 2 comments

FF36308_001_mdI have been lusting after Smart Balls by Fun Factory since the first time I heard them mentioned.  I’m not sure how they came up, but someone in an IRC channel somewhere told me about them.  I did a quick Google search, found them and fell in love.  So when offered me a set of black and magenta Smart Balls for review, I snatched them up.

The Smart Balls came in a cream and red cardboard box with Fun Factory’s logo on the outside.  The front of the box is open so you can see the toy.  On the back are magnetic flaps that open to reveal a description of the toy in eight languages and a diagram of the smart balls describing each feature.  Unfortunately, the magnets are pretty strong, and the first time I opened the flap, I ripped one off.  Inside, they rested in a piece of molded plastic folded over themselves.  As with a lot of Fun Factory toys, there was  a sample of Fun Factory’s Bodyfluid, which is a silicone based lube, and directions on how to use the toy.  Read more…