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Behaving and Babbling and New Toys

January 12th, 2010 10 comments

This whole behaving myself thing is kinda neat.  There’s little to no shouting or hurt feelings.  No tense undertone to dinner.  No added stress on Master’s already stressed day.  If/when He stops working for the night, we can just… breathe.

The only things we do fight about have to do with His job.  How much He works.  How much He covers for everyone else even though almost no one seems interested in returning the favor.  How often He’s home all day, sitting not ten yards away from me, and I can’t even so much as tell Him I love Him because it might be overheard by a customer.

I’ve never understood that.  When I was a kid, I thought it was just my father being a douche.  As I got older, I realized it’s this “professionalism” thing.  It’s considered unprofessional, in some work environments, to show affection.  And it makes absolutely no sense to me.  I like to know a person loves their family.  It makes them more human.  As ridiculously annoying as they can be, I still prefer dealing with humans to dealing with machines.

Master just made me request a hood for review.  I kind of hate Him a little bit, right now.  He very plainly told me He doesn’t care and is sure He’ll enjoy my devastation.



I’ll console myself with the fact that my very first LELO toy is on its way to me right now.  None other than the overhyped Ella.  We’ll see if she stands up to the test.  As well as my first Hitachi.  And some attachment or other that I can’t remember and bought just to get as close to $100 as possible.  And Mint Tree Bathing Gel from Kama Sutra that I’m gonna use as a shower gel cause I’m a rebel like that.  And because I don’t have a bath tub.

That’s one of the requirements when we finally do move.  The next house has to have a full-size tub.  Our last apartment had a tub, but it was a mini one and it sucked.  I’m talking claw foot or something.  It’s high time I get back into my bubble bath routine.  I mean, He gets massages, like, all the time.  I should get a bubble bath occasionally. ~nods emphatically~  Please? ~puppy dog eyes~  Read more…

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