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There’s just something about…

October 9th, 2014 Comments off

…him locking your wrists behind your back.

…the way he guides you to your knees.

…his fingers knotted in your ponytail.

…the way his fist in your hair demands you trust him.

…letting go, and trusting him.

…him fashioning your back into a deep arch.

…the way the angle leaves your breasts helpless and yearning.

…the way the head of his cock feels between them.

…being supported by his strength even as he thrusts as hard between your breasts as he would between your legs.

…the harsh growl behind his lips when he orders you to watch him cum.

…the pride you feel when he drops you to the floor and says, “Good girl.”

…the relief of having your wrists released.

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Product Review: Wrist Traps by @SexandMetal

March 3rd, 2014 4 comments

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Ooo, what’s that?

Wrist TrapsIf there’s one thing M and I are lacking in, it’s metal handcuffs. We have a pair running around here, somewhere. But if memory serves, we bought it from some random local sleaze shop, so they’re cheap, and easy to get out of.

So, when Sex and Metal offered to let me review some of their stuff, naturally, I jumped at the opportunity. Metal cuffs that look nice, and, when used properly, I can’t escape from? You bet your ass.

That there is the Wrist Traps by Sex and Metal. And we probably should have started with a different set. But that’s not the cuffs’ fault! It’s totally ours. Read more…