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Product Review: Teneo Uno and Duo by Fun Factory

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

Ooo, what’re those?

Those are Teneo Uno and Duo from the Smart Balls line by Fun Factory.

What’d they come in?

They both came in their own little gray and red cardboard box complete with magnetic flaps that open to reveal an in depth description of the toys.  Inside, tucked safely between cardboard and the molded plastic that holds the balls in place, you’ll find a pamphlet with instructions and a sample of Toy Fluid, Fun Factory’s water based lube.  Read more…

Product Review: Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion by Thrusti, Kicki, Grabbi; Illustrations by Kyle Spencer

October 23rd, 2009 Comments off

TruthOrDarI dare you not to have fun with this game.

Remember when we were kids sitting around the campfire, or at a birthday party, or curled up in flannel pajamas under the comforter with a flashlight? Remember the games we’d play? Seven Minutes in Heaven and Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare…

We’d drag the boys into the game and help our friends out by making the boy they were crushing on the hardest kiss them on the cheek, or hold their hand for five minutes, or dance with them.  Or if it was just us girls, there would be plenty of phone calls made that night.  Mom would often have to kick us off the phone around midnight, and then deal with angry calls from parents in the morning.

So you can imagine my excitement and the level of nostalgia when I received Truth or Dare: A Game of Passion for review from Good Vibrations.

The box it comes in is absolutely adorable.  It’s made of glossy pink and red puffy cardboard with the silhouette of a man on his hands and knees and his partner sitting on his back, a hairbrush ready for spanking in one hand.  The hinged lid opens to reveal two decks of playing cards, a single die and the directions printed plainly underneath the top.  Read more…

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