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Glenn Marcus and “Jodi”

September 15th, 2007 Comments off

First I would like to thank Loveboundbbw for pointing me to the Wikipedia article on [[Glenn Marcus]]. Due to his interest in our opinion on this subject, I’m considering researching and writing about various [[BDSM]] related court cases on a regular basis to aid in keeping people aware and voice my opinion. We all know how I like to voice my opinion. I’ll do this once a month, perhaps. Of course, I said the same about my recipes and I haven’t kept up with that at all so we’ll see where it goes.

As I go through the various cases I decide to cover, I’ll add related links to the “BDSM and the Law“section of our links. You can find links to the articles I’ve been able to find on the [[Glenn Marcus]] case there. I’m having trouble finding any early articles regarding the case and am actually sort of disappointed that I wasn’t able to follow the case when it was happening. This is probably due to my disinterest in current events. I have such a bad habit of just reading the news when I have to and ignoring it any other time. I don’t know if this is due to not being allowed to read or watch the news when I was a child or just a serious case of apathy. I hope it’s the former.

In any case, I’ll start with a little background on the case for those of you who aren’t interested in reading the news articles. By all accounts the relationships between Glenn and his submissives are/were completely consensual. But the other submissives he was with are not what he’s in trouble for. He’s in trouble for Jodi, so I’ll try to outline the parts of Glenn’s relationship with Jodi that were covered in the news and the trial here.

In 1998, Jodi began searching for information on [[BDSM]] online. She met Glenn and shortly thereafter went to Maryland to meet him and another [[submissive]] who belonged to him. With her consent, Glenn whipped her and carved “slave” on her stomach with a knife. After this first meeting, Jodi petitioned Glenn to become his slave. She begged for his complete and total ownership.

In January of 1999, Jodi moved to Maryland to live with Joanna, the [[submissive]] she’d met earlier. Glenn went to visit them frequently and they participated in many [[BDSM]] related activities. Eventually, Jodi went to live with another of Glenn’s girls in New York before deciding she no longer wanted to be part of the relationship. Through all this, witnesses (mostly other submissives belonging to Glenn) and Jodi herself say that she participated willingly and in most cases enjoyed the activities.  Read more…

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