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Product Review: Glass Dreams Smooth Waves by Doc Johnson

April 29th, 2010 3 comments

32258-1Ooo, what’s that?

Okay, seriously? What’s up with these eight inch toys having foot long names? This is the Glass Dreams Smooth Waves from Doc Johnson.  And the design is pretty spectacular.  Especially for a former marble collector like me.

What’d it come in?

It comes in a clear plastic box with blue lettering and white designs around the outside.  The dildo itself is nestled inside molded clear plastic for protection.

How’s it made?

So if you played marbles when you were a kid, or just collected marbles like me, you’ll remember the swirly colors inside those tiny glass balls.  Turning the glass round and round, holding it up to the light, trying to follow the path of the swirls inside.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing that with this toy.  Read more…

Product Review: Cyberglass Four-Way G by Topco Sales

January 8th, 2010 Comments off

A8484-6_001_mdOoo, what’s that?

Isn’t it beautiful? All blue swirls and bumps and bulges.  That’s the Cyberglass Four-Way G by Topco Sales.

What’d it come in?

It came in hinged molded plastic with a white cardboard insert sporting a thin little hottie in a blue string bikini.  On the back, you can find descriptions of its uses and instructions on temperature play.  Inside, you’ll find the dildo and a red velvet drawstring storage pouch.  Sadly, it is not puffy.

How’s it made?

This dildo is hand-blown cyberglass.  Cyberglass is break and chip resistant and can withstand most extreme temperature changes.  It’s phthalate and metal free and nonporous.  The surface is smooth and slippery, and the shaft is firm.

There are two insertable ends to this dildo, which is eight and one-half inches long with a circumference of four and one-half inches (diameter = 1 3/8″) at its widest point.  One side is wrapped with pretty blue spirals and has a curved end with a blunt tip and the other… The other looks like a double scoop ice cream with nuts on the bottom scoop, complete with dollop-y tip.  Read more…

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Product Review: Rainbow Mega Nubby by Don Wands

December 14th, 2009 1 comment

31eumSm1RULOoo, what’s that?

This is the Rainbow Mega Nubby by Don Wands.  It’s a nubby glass dildo.

What’d it come in?

What else? A ginormous plastic cylinder with cardboard inserts and an equally ginormous puffy, pink velvet bag.

I love the puffy pink bag.  It’s big enough to store two toys in.  And since this is the only glass toy I own that came with a puffy bag, I store two toys in it.  One inside the satin bag that came with it.  Read more…

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Product Review: Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo by Adam and Eve

December 4th, 2009 3 comments

adamevecrystalcrescentdildo-ia-f-ib-f931_1075065-350x350.jpheOoo, what’s that?

This is the first glass dildo I’ve ever owned.  It’s also the first g-spot dildo I’ve owned.  It’s the Crystal Crescent Glass Dildo by Adam and Eve.

What’d it come in?

It came in a molded plastic square with a cardboard insert.  It also came with a gray velvet drawstring pouch.

How’s it made?

This dildo is seven inches of Pyrex glass.  It’s curved in the middle with a one inch bulb on one end and an inch and a half bulb on the other.  The surface is slick and smooth and completely seamless.

I know it looks like there’s a seam in the picture.  Trust me.  There isn’t.

What’s it for?  Read more…

Product Review: Colorful Spiral Wrapped G-Spot Wonder by Phallix

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

I used to stare at glass dildos in awe.  They’re so beautiful.  Especially the ones in which the artist went all out and added beautiful colors and designs to the glass.  But would I enjoy them?

I’m a jelly lover at heart.  I don’t really care that jelly is one of the most dangerous materials toys are made of.  I like that they’re soft and flexible and sort of mold to your body.  Glass… doesn’t.  It’s firm and unforgiving.  And it doesn’t even vibrate!

But the more glass toys Carrie and Cinnamon bought, the more envious I got.  So, I caved and bought this toy.  Read more…