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10 Things You Should Know About Me

December 12th, 2015 2 comments

…in no particular order.

  1. I’m blunt to a fault. I don’t sugarcoat things. Ever. No matter what. If the situation is shitty, I’m gonna point it out.
  2. I’m not a ‘nice’ person. I don’t go around looking for people to be a dick to, but because I’m not a ‘nice’ person, sometimes I have no idea I’m being a dick. I fully know this doesn’t excuse my behavior.
  3. I’m not a ‘mean’ person, either. If I did something that hurt you, the chances that I did it with malicious intent are extremely low. It’s far more likely that I just had no idea it would hurt you.
  4. I’m not a good friend; especially on the internet. I try to be, but then I do things like not ship a sex toy for over a year, or disappear into my own darkness just as someone I care about is dealing with their own traumatic event. But…
  5. You can always count on me to tell you the truth…even when you don’t want to hear it.
  6. I’ll also always tell you when you’re doing something stupid. Unless you already know it’s stupid. In which case…
  7. I will let you fall on your face, but I’ll be there to help you up when you’re ready (unless I’ve disappeared into my own darkness).
  8. I will never agree with you to avoid conflict or save face. If I disagree, I’ll just say so.
  9. I also will never hold our disagreements against you. Unless you’re a dick.
  10. I will always tell you when you’re being a dick. I 100% expect you to do the same for me.
    1. I was going to write some sort of apology, here, and explain how this me came to be, and blahblahblahwords. But you know what? I’m not sorry (except about sometimes being a dick…I’m sorry about that). I can only be me. Take me or leave me.

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10 Things To Keep In The Home To Maintain A Happy Rayne

August 27th, 2014 Comments off


  1. Coffee. Hand ground and French pressed or k-cups, please and thank you.
  2. Tea. The loose leaf kind. Preferably from Divinitea. None of that prepackaged bullshit.
  3. Baking supplies. ALL THE BAKING SUPPLIES. Including my new baby…a KitchenAid Stand Mixer in Blue Willow. I’m so spoiled.
  4. A kitchen with lots of counter and storage space. Our next house needs more of both.
  5. A bathtub big enough for two…which we don’t have right now, but our next house will either have one already, or have a bathroom large enough to install one.
  6. The internet. So I can search for recipes that I don’t have in cookbooks or know by heart.
  7. Books. Either hardcopy or on a Kindle Paperwhite.
  8. Sex toys. I mean, duh.
  9. Alcohol. Cuz even though we don’t drink every night (or even every week), it’s nice to have some good booze in reserve just in case.
  10. Whips. Not to be used with the alcohol. Mostly.

P.S. Obviously, if this list wasn’t entitled “10 Things To Keep In The Home To Maintain A Happy Rayne” M would be #1, and Priss and Bash would be tied for #2. Because I’m a good kitty mom and I don’t play favorites.

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

P.S.S This list also does not include necessary items, like, you know…food, and air, and stuff.

What 10 things in your home help maintain your happiness? Emphasis on things. People and animals don’t count.

100 Things About Me

July 21st, 2014 3 comments

imageThese used to be all the rage back in the day. Pretty much every blogger who was ever anybody did one. I would start them and then give up at about number twenty. I am just not that interesting. Plus, I’m an over-sharer, so pretty much everyone already knows everything about me. But I’m realizing I have new readers who see my archive and go, “I am not sifting through all of that,” so why not give them a quick and easy way to get to know me? Aside from this post (which really only highlights a few things about me), there’s not really anything like that on this site. So here it is. 100 things about me. Read more…

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30 Days of Kink: What’s your opinion on online BDSM play?

July 22nd, 2013 5 comments

30 Days of KinkFor the rest of this series, and links to others who have participated, click here.

I’ve been owned for eight years. Of those eight years, I’ve been involved in the online BDSM community in some way, shape or form. At first, through IRC. Then I started Then I joined Then I started looking around for other submissive blogs. And then, finally, I found

My opinion about online anything has been all over the place since practically day one.

Something people tend to forget when discussing online relationships, of any sort, is that there are still real people at the other end of the wire. Real conversations, heated debates, and occasional arguments are had. Real emotions, just as passionate as you’ll find in any face-to-face friendship or romance, are involved. Real bonds are formed.

I have a couple very close friends that I would, any time they needed me to, and so long as I was able, drop everything and give them a hand, a shoulder, M’s left testicle (What? I’d give them mine, but I don’t have one!). I have never met them in real life. We’ve discussed it, and I can almost guarantee that when we finally do, it will be amazingly fantabulous. We’ll laugh. And cry. We’ll embrace, and plant great big kisses on tear-soaked cheeks. We’ll drink lots of coffee, or wine, or beer, and chatter till the wee hours of the night, while the guys compare flogging techniques, or computer code, or whatever else they have in common. We won’t want to part ways when it’s time. And we’ll make oodles of plans to meet again. Read more…

30 Days of Kink: Cha-cha-cha-changes

July 15th, 2013 3 comments

30 Days of KinkFor the rest of this series, and links to others who have participated, click here.

Full prompt: Since you first developed an interest in kink, have your interests/perspectives changed? How so?

The first time I had a name for the things I’m interested in was when my mother and I sat on the couch watching Exit to Eden, starring Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell.

If you haven’t seen it, you should. Whether you’re kinky or not. It’s friggin’ hilarious. Best line ever is when Rosie tells the slave following her around that if he wants to impress her, he has to paint her house. But be warned. While I’ve heard there are places around the globe where you can absolutely spend some time living the glamorous fantasy presented in the movie Exit to Eden, it’s far from what being kinky is really like for the vast majority of us most of the time.

I was fourteen or fifteen when I watched that movie. And the first thought in my teen-aged mind was, “Oh my god, HOT!” There’s people running around in leather and latex. Pony girls and boys. Whips, and crops, and dominant men and women, and submissives, and slaves, and… And people paid to go there! Paid to have their sexual fantasies fulfilled by total strangers! I mean, yeah, in the book, the slaves come highly recommended from BDSM houses around the globe, and the dominants were screened, but oh my god! Can you imagine total strangers tying you up, naked, in a giant room full of other naked bodies, with a number marked on your skin with a grease pen? And all the people who aren’t tied up are fully clothed, and carrying whips, and paddles! And they touch you when ever and where ever they want, as often as they want, doing what ever they wish to your completely unprotected body! Read more…

30 Days of Kink: Any unexpected ways kink has improved your life? If so, what are they?

July 8th, 2013 Comments off

30 Days of KinkFor the rest of this series, and links to others who have participated, click here.

I’ve never been one for schedules. Formalities annoy me. I pretty consistently buck the system. Questioning authority has always come naturally to me. And I do things on my own time.

I wouldn’t call myself a “free spirit”, so much as I don’t like people who don’t know me, probably don’t even know I exist beyond the abstract theory of my existence, making up rules for me, as if they could possibly know what’s best for me.

This goes for just about everything under the sun, from how to cook, to how best to maintain my mental and emotional “disorders”, for lack of a better term. I’d rather eat crow, if I’m wrong, than concede a point I haven’t tested as thoroughly as I possibly can not having the resources to follow the scientific procedures the ever elusive “they” have decided work the best. I’m stubborn, and opinionated. I’m passionate and stand up for what I believe in, as much as I can within the confines of the station I have chosen for myself. And I will, without a doubt, unequivocally believe my way is right unless it is wholly proven wrong beyond all reasonable doubt.

I would have been a damn good lawyer. Except… Read more…