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ToyWithMeTuesday: Shoot First, Focus Later

February 25th, 2014 Comments off


So, uh…yeah. I have no idea how this happened.


Product Review: Travel Pop by G-Spot Lollipop

February 21st, 2014 2 comments

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Ooo, what’s that?

_TravelStack2So one day, I’m just be-bopping around on Twitter, when I notice everyone talking about this thing called a G-Spot Lollipop. I’m forever on the hunt for a g-spot toy that works well for me, and this line is hella cute (I love lollipops), so when I was offered some of their toys, I jumped on the opportunity.

Believe me…I never in a million years thought “you should get the lollipops ready to fuck” would be a sentence that would turn me on. I am so not a food + sex kinda gal. In fact, I find the idea kinda grody. But other people are totally about that shit.

I was going to link to a bunch of porn flicks where chicks stick lollipops in their vaginas and anuses, but most of the links I came up with were to the free porn sites that are currently being called out for stealing content and putting small porn studios out of business. I’ll pass on giving them traffic, please and thanks.

Plus, I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but you really shouldn’t stick real candy in your vagina or anus. Which is just another added benefit to this toy, really. You get to pretend you’re sticking a lollipop in your orifices without giving yourself a yeast infection.

ANYway…this here review’s about the G-spot Lollipop Travel Pop. And I’m really excited about it. Read more…

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