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Product Review: Fusion Duality by Evolved

October 5th, 2009 Comments off

When Babeland Toys showed me the waterproof Fusion Duality by Evolved, I was skeptical.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m very visually oriented.  So the beauty of a vibe turns me on to it almost as much as the other aspects.  And in the pictures, the Duality looks flat and plain.

But I figured, what the hell.  You can’t even begin to judge a vibrator by its photograph.  And when Cin told me she was reviewing it, too, I thought, “Opportunity! Here’s our chance to compare our vibe tastes!”

When it arrived, I ripped into the box, barely taking my eyes off it long enough to avoid tripping up the stairs.  I didn’t realize the Duality was by Evolved until I opened the box, so imagine my surprise when I pulled a white tin sporting “Evolved” in purple letters floating on black trim out of the plain brown cardboard.  It was instantly obvious that the photographs of this toy do not do it justice.  Read more…

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