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Consent In Gorean Culture

August 5th, 2016 4 comments

Because of who I used to be, I feel like I should start by saying this is not an attack or me calling anyone out. I’m not mad at MrBLK. I don’t feel like MrBLK was attacking my lifestyle or me personally, and I’m not interested in attacking MrBLK. I’m just not that girl anymore.

I am pretty upset about the misconceptions (and sometimes, outright lies, but I feel like MrBLK told the truth as MrBLK sees it, and who could ask for anything more?) surrounding my lifestyle. I’m pretty upset with the entitled, misogynistic man-children (one of whom MrBLK is NOT) who have spread these misconceptions through their actions and words, both online and in real life Gorean circles. I’m here only to try to clear up the misconception that is most damning to the real life Gorean community: the issue of consent. /disclaimer


In the post, The curious case of Gor and BDSM, MrBLK gives a cursory explanation of Gor and Gorean culture. It’s pretty close to the reality of the fictional series, but MrBLK’s post confirmed something for me that I already knew. So many non-Gorean people walk away from Gorean communities with the impression that because consent is not discussed in the books, consent is not an issue in real life Gorean circles. This is simply not true.

As MrBLK pointed out, there are all sorts of concerning things about fictional life on Gor, not the least of which being the fact that Gorean society is patriarchal in every way, shape, and form. Read more…

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Kinktionary: Free Man

February 25th, 2016 Comments off

imagesFree man is a Gorean term for a man who is not enslaved. In the Gor books, Gor is 100% a man’s world, putting free men right smack at the top of it (beneath the Priest Kings, of course).

Slaves, regardless of gender, are expected to defer to all free men in all things, whether or not the slaves are owned by the men with whom they interact. For example, if a slave is running an errand for her owner, and a free man stops her to have his way with her, the slave has no recourse but to explain what happened and beg for her master’s mercy if she’s late in returning.

Free women are also expected to defer to free men, but their deference is different from the deference of slaves. Where as a slave is expected to follow a free man’s orders, a free woman is not. She is, however, expected to defer to a free man’s opinions and decisions.

Because of this culture, the most shameful thing a free man can do is allow himself to become enslaved. Most free men would rather die in battle than be enslaved by their conquerers because death is more honorable than being a slave.

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Kintionary: Gor

February 4th, 2016 Comments off

Tarnsman_of_gor_vallejo_coverIn a series of fictional novels written by John Norman, there exists a spaceship, of sorts, that is of similar shape, size, and climate to planet Earth. That ship is called Gor, or Counter-Earth.

Gor is said to orbit the sun in such a way that makes it invisible to those who inhabit Earth. This allows the creatures controlling Gor (Priest-Kings) and the humans who inhabit Gor to abduct people from Earth and force them into slavery. Generally speaking, the people abducted are female, and the slavery is sexual in nature.

From this series, an almost cultish fandom has formed, inspiring internet chatrooms, Second Life worlds, relationship dynamics, and even whole communities of people who choose to apply Gorean philosophies and customs to their real lives.

For some, the Gorean lifestyle is simply role-play; a way to scratch an itch (the master/slave relationship or sexual dynamic) they don’t feel comfortable scratching as themselves. For others, Gor is a way of life.

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