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What’s it like, dating a MtF crossdresser? Kayla has the answer.

January 25th, 2010 1 comment

Kayla, you said Jor is a crossdresser.  Could you tell us a little about how that works for you guys?

Living with a male is one thing – the socks on the floor, the lack of any cleanliness, and the fact that most males eat about everything in sight.  So how do you avoid dating a male like that? Find a crossdresser.

Jor is in love with crossdressing.  It’s honestly his favorite thing.  In the beginning, it really was forced feminisation, but now it really isn’t.  His female half of the closet takes up a lot more room than my own clothes do.  We’re almost-always on the look out for new clothes for him to add to his collection.  While I treat clothes like the clothes they just are, he is comforted by owning new outfits, and it keeps him happy.

It becomes the best way to reward him really.  A new corset or some pretty underwear really makes his day.  If you let him dress up, then he’s even happier.  He loves being my “naughty little girl”, and I love treating him like one.  I stored away all of his male boxers – he only has female panties anymore.  Every night before bed, he changes out of his day clothes and into silk nighties.  (It’s so much nicer to sleep next to silk than any other material – I can’t say I want to complain too much about that.)

I’m not particularly turned on by jor’s crossdressing.  It’s just something that’s a part of him.  When I first met him and he told me, I wasn’t turned off – it was just interesting to meet someone who enjoyed it.  To this day, it’s still not a huge turn-on.  It’s cute, and I love it when he’s dressed up because it just makes him glow from happiness, but it’s not a sexual factor to me.  Instead, it’s more of a matter of pride.  I love knowing that he dresses up so well.  I love people thinking he really was a girl until he ended up speaking.  I love taking him out in public and guys will attempt to flirt with him.

Of course, that presents the problem that he hasn’t learned to pick up a feminine voice yet.  Aside from that, though, he’s doing well with the dressing itself.  His make-up skills are a little lacking, but he’s learning.  He walks better in heels than I do.

As for daily life, it really doesn’t impact it much.  Unless you count having a boyfriend running around in heels and dresses.  He likes to be my “little housewife”, so he’ll do all of the chores, does the shopping, and cleans the apartment.  I do take care of the finances, though.  It’s different living with a crossdresser.  Not in a bad way.  If he doesn’t get new clothes once in awhile, he’ll get moody.  He gets more excited over a pair of cute heels then the idea of having sex.  Overall, it works for us, but it’s an interesting experience.  I almost consider it like having a female slave that happens to have a penis.  (Besides the fact “she” loves video games.)

It’s probably not something that will be changing very soon.  He considers crossdressing to be his main fetish, and honestly, I’m just more comfortable with him in feminine clothes than male ones because that’s what makes him happy.  That’s what makes him glow.  (And I can snap his bra strap. And that’s fun.)  It’s who we are, and I love it. 🙂