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Kinktionary: Flogger

March 3rd, 2016 1 comment

FloggerComparisonDue to their versatility, floggers are probably the most popular whips among sadists and masochists alike. Often referred to as a “cat of nine tails,” a flogger is a whip that usually has a rigid handle and at least nine “tails” or “falls” that are used to whip the bottom of the scene.

Generally speaking, floggers fall on the lower end of the pain spectrum, usually producing a more thuddy sensation. Of course, this depends on the material they’re made of, the weight and width of the falls, and whether the tips are cut at an angle or straight across. A rubber flogger with angled tips will sting like the dickens, whereas a leather flogger with blunt tips will feel more like a percussion massage.

How a flogger feels also depends a great deal on the person doing the whipping. A more experienced top will be better able to control their aim and the strength of the blow, which can enhance the way a flogger is feels to the bottom a great deal. Read more…

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Sexual Rewards Are the Best Kind

August 24th, 2013 Comments off

Enjoying myself“Let’s get ready, and go do the yard,” Master said as he got out of his chair and pulled on a shirt.

Ever the complainer, I pulled a face, sagged as comically as I could, and replied, “I don’t wanna pull weeds.”

“If we don’t do it now, we’ll be too tired,” he said, ignoring the fact that technically, even though I was joking, I was talking back to him. “Get dressed.”

So I did. I hate pulling weeds because it means pulling weeds out of the cracks in the cement, too, and that’s hard to do! I’ve thought about getting some sort of spray, but I have no idea how spraying the weeds in the front yard will affect the food growing in the backyard, so I haven’t. I suppose I should just research natural options…but I haven’t. Read more…

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Product Review: 24″ Basic Leather Flogger by @Stockroom_com

August 9th, 2013 2 comments

Ooo, what’s that?

Have you checked out JT’s Stockroom? We’ve got a giveaway going on over here sponsored by them. (giveaway ended) They’re pretty much our go-to kink store. And considering everything we’ve ever received from them up till now has been paid for out of pocket, that’s saying something.

The flogger pictured below is the 24″ Basic Leather Flogger we’re giving away. (The winner will receive a brand new one straight from Stockroom.) And I hope like hell I can do it the justice it deserves.

Read more…

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More Relationship Wisdom from Dr. John Michael Dorian … And Surprise Butt Secks

August 20th, 2011 Comments off


Things have been insane the past couple weeks, to say the least.

It’s no secret that I have mental health issues. They are exacerbated by changes in pretty much everything. Usually more exercise, sleep and at least snacking a few times a day if I don’t eat three meals helps. The past few months we’ve just had to weather the storm and hope things come out all right in the end. Especially around my period. This is nothing new, either. We just went a really long time without having to really deal with it. A long time for us, anyway. Read more…

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Product Review: Roses Flogger by Ruff Doggie Styles

August 13th, 2010 1 comment

Click me for a bigger view!

Ooo, what’s that?

That’s the Roses Flogger by Ruff Doggie Styles, and it’s absolutely divine.

How’s it made?

We’ve owned two other floggers by Ruff Doggie Styles, and we hated the way both were made.  The leather was cheap, and stiff.  The floggers were light and felt almost fragile.  So when Rayne looked at the manufacturer of this toy, after asking to review and give it away, she got a little nervous.

The second the flogger was in our hands, though, the nervousness faded away.  Read more…

Product Review: Black and Blue Strap Whip by Spartacus Enterprises

September 11th, 2009 Comments off

black-blue-strap-whipJust forewarning any new readers, and old readers who have forgotten, that M and I are BDSM toy snobs and pretty heavy into S&M.  Any BDSM toy reviews we do are written from that perspective.

I was so excited when I put in the order for the Black and Blue Strap Whip by Spartacus.  It’s been forever since we’ve been able to purchase a new flogger.

We love, Love, LOVE flogging toys.  Like, so much so that I didn’t even bat an eyelash, years ago, when M found a $300.00 kangaroo flogger that was absolutely gorgeous and decided to buy that instead of paying our car insurance.

Not that our car insurance was $300.00.  Just that we wouldn’t be able to pay it if we ordered the kangaroo flogger because we’d be out of money for two weeks or so.

I read the whip’s description and wrinkled my nose a little at the length.  Twenty inches, tip to tails.  Just barely longer than our handmade suede flogger.  Probably just as light.  But that shiny, stiff leather looks like it could do some damage.  It looks like it could be a nice edition to our toy box.  Read more…