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Fat Acceptance: What It Is and Isn’t

November 10th, 2014 5 comments

I recently shut off comments on posts that were more than a year old. I’m kinda bummed about it because I really love my old posts, and love hearing from new readers as they get further in my archive. But when the number of people only commenting on 4-year-old posts that talk about me being fat (to tell me I’m too fat to be a slave and/or fat acceptance is wrong) or getting in trouble (to tell me they never get in trouble) began to outweigh the number of people telling me they’ve been helped by my old posts, I realized it was time to shut it down. But that doesn’t mean I can’t talk about it.

Some things you need to know before I start this rant:

  1. I’m still fat.
  2. I care even less about your opinion on my weight now than I did four years ago.
  3. I’m writing this to teach you what fat acceptance is and isn’t, not to defend my weight. (see point 2)
  4. Comments are moderated on this blog because our spam filter is mediocre at best. However, any comments left on this post berating me or someone else for being fat will be deleted. Keep the conversation on point. Period.

So four years ago, a post on Humbled Females that said fat women are slaves to food and not their owners (in other words, you can be too fat to be a slave) was brought to my attention, and I wrote about it. Read more…

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My disgustingly petty (and disgustingly disgusting) Twitter drama

January 16th, 2011 11 comments

So that chick who inspired 30 Days of Truth (which I have yet to start) was making obnoxious comments about some fat woman on Bridezillas today.

To which, I responded, “So? Whatever makes her happy/comfortable.”

Had she just said unhealthy, I probably would have let it drop. Had she just said unhealthy, I probably wouldn’t have wanted to punch her in the face. Had she just said unhealthy, I probably would’ve continued following her fat-hating ass, and blown it off. Read more…

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