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Weird Dude Dreams

September 26th, 2018 Comments off

rayne selfie

All of these bad selfies I’ve been using in posts are a cop out. I need to get back into photography. Maybe some day.

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I’ve been having a lot of really weird dreams involving me being a dude.

A lot. Of really weird dreams.

There was this one where I was on testosterone. That was a while ago, so that’s all I really remember about it (and if I’m to be honest, I only really remember it because I was running a Twitter search for a conversation I participated in about whether or not “cis” is a slur, and that was one of the tweets that came up).

There was one where I was a trans man, but I couldn’t afford to transition. I had come out, and my family had disowned me, so I moved in with my friend and her husband (who, weirdly, lived in the house I spent my teen years in), and her husband was a complete piece of shit who kept doing fucked up shit to me because “you’re too pretty to be a dude.” Read more…

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Wonderful Dreams

October 8th, 2003 Comments off

I had a specific rant planned for today and normally plan the outline for my rants while showering. But when I stepped in the shower and began to ponder what to write, I began to think about last night and the dreams I had and how completely wonderful and complacent I felt when I woke this morning. And I realized I have something much more important to talk about than people forgetting that consent is a big factor (at least in the beginning stages) of a BDSM relationship. I have feelings to brag about! ::smile::

Master allowed me to sleep on the bed last night with the statement “You had better be a good girl. And you better stay on your side of the bed, too.” I tend to sleep on him rather than next to him at times. So I do my usual thing. Lay on my stomach until that’s uncomfortable, turn on my side until that’s uncomfortable, lay on my back until that’s uncomfortable, and then drift off on my other side facing away from him with the hope that I will wake to him cuddling me at sometime in the night.

As I slowly begin to drift off I feel Master’s hand smoothing my hair away from my face and his arms wrap around me. He pulls me to him and then says softly in my ear “You belong to me. Do you understand me?” I say “Yes, Sir.” and he says it again. He tells me that he will do whatever he wants to me and then grabs my collar. As I lay there listening to him speak, not mistaking the menace in his voice, I relax completely and a smile crosses my lips. I am his. I belong to him.  Read more…

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