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Kintionary: Pleasure Slave

September 11th, 2015 Comments off

Enjoying myselfA pleasure slave is a person (Person A) who has agreed to bring another person (Person B) as much pleasure as Person B allows, requests, or requires. Though often sex is a large part of this particular type of power exchange, pleasure slavery is not always limited to sexual pleasure.

Some other roles pleasure slaves play:

  • secretary,
  • sex toy
  • devotee
  • go-fer
  • housemaid
  • personal chef
  • foot stool
  • punching bag
  • masseuse
  • toilet
  • ash tray
  • dollie
  • horse
  • pack mule
  • mechanic
  • handyperson
  • plumber
  • entertainment
  • researcher
  • pet
  • companion
  • friend
  • dance partner
  • spouse
  • partner in crime

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Kinktionary: Consensual Slave

August 7th, 2015 Comments off

slaveThe definition of ‘consensual slave’ has been a matter of great debate for ages. Thanks to the recent release of Grey, the debate has never been hotter. Generally speaking, it surrounds how much (or little) control a person has to give up to be considered a ‘true slave’.

What constitutes a ‘consensual slave’ and ‘true slavery’ varies from person to person, relationship to relationship. A general definition of ‘consensual slave’ that I think we can all agree on is, a person who has agreed to submit wholly to the will of another and commits themselves to seeing that their owner is pleased.

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We’re supposed to be able to say whatever we want.

June 26th, 2014 2 comments

Day 10Previous to this relationship, M and I were both in relationships where we couldn’t talk about our problems with our partners. And not just problems we had with our partners, but our problems with all of life.

If I started talking about problems I had that involved my ex, he’d disappear for days, leaving me and the kids without money, and sometimes without food, while he was out galavanting with friends and fucking other women. If I started talking about my problems outside of him, he’d go off on tangents about why my focus was in the wrong place and how weak I was.

Master’s ex would use his paranoia against him, and try to convince him that it was all in his head; even things she said and did directly to him.

So one of the first things we did, when we got together, was start negotiating all the things we wouldn’t do to each other, starting with being able to say anything in the world to each other without it causing a rift in the relationship. I mean, beyond whatever problem there already was to cause us to say whatever we said to each other, obviously. Read more…

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There’s always a collar on me.

February 27th, 2014 2 comments

CollarsLast night, I had to sleep without his collars. I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight since Master bought the smaller collar, so the chain gets caught under the steel. That mixed with sweat makes the perfect combination for a nice red collar embedded in my skin.

And then I dyed my hair again without taking my collars off. You can’t see it in that picture, but they’re both crusted in gritty plant goo. So the little bit of irritation turned into serious ouchieness.

Guess who’s back to calorie counting. For my next trick, I’ll be finding a beginner cardio program on YouTube, or something, because I can’t do more than ten minutes on the elliptical, and M can’t walk. He is finally giving in and going to the doctor tomorrow.

Who was it that said we weren’t gonna hibernate all winter anymore?

Yeah, she lied.

So Master says, as I’m going to bed, “You’re probably happy you can’t wear your collar. You’re gonna wake up all, ‘Mmm, no collars on my neck.'”

I started to protest, and he growled, “It doesn’t matter. There’s still a collar on you, bitch. There’s always a collar on you.”

As if there was any question.

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So let’s talk about “true” slavery…

February 11th, 2014 Comments off

Every once in a while, I see one of the kinky elite blathering on about the definition of “true” slavery. This person isn’t really a slave because they won’t let their owner control their money. That person isn’t really a slave because they’ve got a safe word. This person isn’t really a slave because they don’t have to listen to any dominants except their own (wut?). That person isn’t really a slave because they’re allowed to leave the house alone.

It’s the most fun when people who purport themselves as mentors make snide comments on fetish forums about beginners and people who don’t define slavery the way they do.

Cuz see, here’s the thing: everyone defines consensual slavery differently. And while Brennan’s (unisex name snatched out of the ether—and probably heavily influenced by our recent interest in Bones—and used for the sake of clarity going forward…forget about Brennan. There is no Brennan.) definition might not match ours, or be what works for us, that doesn’t mean Brennan’s commitment to their owner is any less valid or slavelike than our commitment to our owners. It literally only means that Brennan’s owner has different expectations for them than our owners have for us…or that Brennan went into the relationship with stipulations, and their owner saw fit to allow them. Ultimately, it’s none of our business, since we’re not Brennan or Brennan’s owner. And as human fucking beings lacking magic label wands, we don’t get to tell Brennan or Brennan’s owner what to call their dynamic. Read more…

“No Limits” Is No Badge Of Honor

August 30th, 2013 2 comments

Happy_birthday_to_me_by_Melens_rayneI don’t have limits. Let’s talk about what that means.

I’m owned by Melen, and with that, I gave him the right to decide what I will and will not do. I flat out said, “I will do anything you want me to.”

He said, “Don’t say that if you don’t mean it.”

I said, “I mean it.”

Of course, there are things that I know he will never do. Read more…

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