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Pain Slut

March 4th, 2008 No comments

Lately I’ve been having a lot of sexual dreams. I think part of it is an attempt to alleviate the part of me that wants the sadistic attention I crave so badly and yet fear so much. While Master has had the flogger out quite a bit, there are other things I fantasize about. Scenes from long ago as well as figments of my imagination. And lately it’s all about nipple and pussy manipulation.

I have day dreams of Master tying my legs open at the thighs, knees and ankles with my arms secured out to my sides. Helpless. The blindfold goes on and the gag goes in and then the torment begins.

Clovers with weights find their way to my nipples as clothespins with sandpaper clamp snuggly on my pussy lips. The clothespins are placed close together and taped to my thighs leaving my wet pussy open and exposed.

There is no warm up. There never is. He starts with the crop working over every inch of my body and paying close attention to my clit. I cry and jump as this new sensation of clit whipping threatens to be too much.

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Hunger Pains

December 19th, 2006 No comments

Iâ??m cursing myself for an idiot and Iâ??m damn near crying to
boot. Why? Because I waited and waited to ask to go to the bathroom and get
something to eat. Because the urge and the hunger werenâ??t bad enough to ask for
it. And then when Master said, â??Time for my meeting.â? I didnâ??t say, â??Master! I
really need to go potty and Iâ??m starving. Please??â?

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