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Product Review: Y-Style Beaded Clamps by Spartacus Enterprises

June 4th, 2010 Comments off

Ooo, what’s that?

That, my fellow kinksters, is a set of Y-Style Beaded Clamps by Spartacus Enterprises.  Notice the clamps are tweezer clamps, which makes these great for just about anyone.

How’s it made?

These clamps are made of purple and black Indian beads and metal, with rubbery black tips on the three tweezer-like clamps.  There are three strands of beads threaded onto silver jewelry wire and connected with small key-rings.  The strands that are intended for the nipples are each eight and three-quarters inches long (including the clamps, not including the key rings), and the strand intended for the clit is about thirteen and three-quarters inches long, giving the entire set a length of about twenty-two and three quarters inches.

Around the clamps is a small metal ring.  This is used to close the clamps and adjust the tightness of the pinch.

What’s it for?

Decoration, mostly.  The two shorter strands attach to your nipples, and the longer strand attaches to your clit.

While these clamps do pinch some, it’s not too terribly painful.  The bead strands seem strong enough to be able to tug on the clamps, but it really doesn’t change the sensation much.  And they’re fully adjustable from “light squeeze” to “tight pinch”, though tight pinch is far less than the sensation provided by clovers, or even alligator style clamps.

These clamps are great for beginners or people who are into light to intermediate nipple play.  Read more…

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Tuesday Night – The First Time

September 17th, 2009 Comments off

symbolI don’t know how much I’m willing to give you today.  I’m going to try to write about Tuesday night, but there’s a lot that I’m not ready to share.

I’m half expecting M to read this and order me to tell you the rest.  True to form, I’m pretending He wouldn’t do that.  Honestly, if He thinks it’s good for me, or He could have fun with it, He would.  But we’ll just keep pretending He wouldn’t, kay?

We went to bed around midnight, or so? We hadn’t done much of anything but sit on the couch for hours and talk about random shit and then watch a little television.  We crawled into bed and it took me all of ten minutes to fall asleep.  M was still awake.

“You’re falling asleep already, bitch?” He growled and I turned to blink at Him in the darkness.

“Yes, Master.  I’m exhausted. ”

“So you don’t want to get up to get beat?”

Again, I blinked at Him.  “Well, I mean, if it would please you, Master.”

“Get your ass in the living room, slut.  Don’t forget your collar and cuffs.”

I was sort of… stunned.  But I did as I was told.  I’ve long since forgotten the order of things.  So I’ll just talk about them as I think of them.

For a long time, He had me sat on the floor with my wrists locked together and my fingers in my pussy.  Just rubbing and touching my clit and lips.  Nothing major.  But eventually I got frustrated and asked Him to unlock them.  It’s really awkward playing with clamps with your wrists locked together and it was time for me to start playing with clamps.

I asked Him to put the tail in my ass, and He tried, but it was too much right off the bat, so we ended up waiting.  That was really embarrassing.  I had hoped a little lube was all we’d need for that toy, and, once upon a time, when He used to plug my ass regularly, that might have been true.  But apparently, that’s not true anymore.  My butt needs warm-up.  So, a few minutes after He tried the tail, I started trying to talk Him into one of our smaller toys.

He said, “Do you want your ass plugged?”

I started rambling something about wanting something in my ass, but being afraid it would hurt and, all firm, making it clear He wanted a yes or no, He said, “I will plug your ass with the smaller one if you want me to.  Do you want me to plug your ass?”  Read more…

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Masochist? Who me?

August 1st, 2009 3 comments

Ugh.  Master’s working again.  Which, I mean, I’ve got shit I could be doing.  But I don’t wanna.

I also don’t wanna share last night.  But that’s got nothing to do with not wanting to talk about it.  I just don’t want to sit at my computer typing all day.  Though I might not have a choice.  Stupid job.

All of my pink parts hurt.  My clit’s so sore I dread having to pee.

So let’s see.  Where to begin.

I started whining around 3pm that I was horny and wanted to cum.  Master said no.  He said, “Don’t you want to wait till you can spread your legs and cum for your master?”

When I said I could do both, He said, “You could, but I’d rather you hold it till I get home.  See how horny you are by then.”

Bastard.  Lol.

But wait! It gets worse!

Not only did He tell me to hold it till He got home; He also told me to plug my ass.  Bent over in front of the webcam.  While He watched from work.

Oh! I’m not only required to be naked when He’s home.  I’m now required to be naked any time I’m home unless we have company.

Well, He didn’t say that.  But if I don’t immediately strip when I walk in the door after meeting Him for lunch and returning home, He tells me to.  If I try to get dressed after getting out of the shower, He tells me not to.  So, yeah.  Pretty much a requirement. Read more…

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Lots o’ Fuckin!

June 21st, 2009 Comments off

CoupleVectorMaster fucked all three holes in twenty-four hours.

I hear ya.  I hear ya.

What’s so unusual about that?

Well, ya see…  It is very unusual for Master to fuck all three holes in twenty-four hours.  Matter of fact, if He fucks my mouth and pussy in the same day it’s odd.  He’s the type that decides on a hole and sticks with it for that day.  Or maybe for a week.  There were a couple months where I was lucky if He was in anything but my mouth.  No lie.

I’m not sure that He does it consciously.  Matter of fact, He probably doesn’t even realize He does it.  Well, until He reads this, that is.

But you see…  This is what happened.

We’re watching South Park, okay?  And we’re both a little intoxicated.  Okay, we’re both a lot intoxicated.  And I really don’t remember what prompted it but He said something about “Why don’t you touch your cunt, Cunt?” or something and I thought I was in for a night of serious hurting.  I was totally ready for a night of serious hurting.

I got my night of serious hurting… just not the way I expected to.

Apparently, just gathering the clamps I could find was enough to give Master an unbearable hard-on.  Cause I’d only clamped my nipples once and my clit twice before He said, “I think you should get on your hands and knees in front of me.”  I hadn’t even brought the paddle or cane out.  Just the slut-paddle.  And I brought that out with the intention of beating my pussy. Read more…

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The start of a lasting relationship?

May 27th, 2009 3 comments

After looking at their toys, I sure as hell hope so.

I signed up to do reviews over at Eden Fantasys.  Then I noticed their nifty widget creator and threw a bunch of purple toys from my wish list in.  I have ninety items on my wish list already.  My pussy’s getting all twitchy just thinking about it!

Sensitizing clitoral gelWaterproof butterfly with remote controlSilicone-covered vaginal balls for pleasure and muscle trainingPowerful wireless stimulator with soft noduled sleeve.Vibrating nipple clamps that double as clitoral arousersSmall hands-free rechargeable vibrator made of silicone

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Saturday Night

April 28th, 2009 Comments off

So I’ve been jealously guarding the details of Saturday night. They’re mine, damn it. And I wanted to keep them. At least for a little while.

Of course, part of that is because I got lost somewhere in the middle. I forgot what happened almost as it was happening.

I don’t think I can, in good conscience, consider subspace something I can’t attain anymore. We were definitely doing it wrong. And it’s my fault for not speaking up sooner.

One of our favorite things to do, lately, is have insanely long, insanely intense mutual masturbation sessions that eventually turn into wild monkey sex. Let me tell you how giant a step this is for us. Somehow, I think if we’d both opened up this much six years ago we’d have had fewer problems along the way. Maybe not. Who knows, right?

I still don’t remember much. I remember Master wanted me to torture my clit. Had said so two or three times throughout the day before we ended up on the couch watching porn. But I wasn’t interested. I wanted to be beaten. Read more…

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