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What’s in a date?

May 28th, 2013 1 comment

M and I used to go on dates here. - Click to enlarge.

M and I used to go on dates here. – Click to enlarge.

If someone asked you, “What’s a date?” how would you answer?

I’m a little old-fashioned. To me, a date starts with a conversation about said date. You know…people meet however people meet, these days (online, in bars, at the bowling alley…do people still bowl?), and one of them asks the other out, or conversation turns to how they should “hang out” some time. Before they know it, they’re making plans to get together, just the two of them, to do something they both enjoy. When the prearranged time comes, they get together however they planned to get together, and (hopefully) the meeting goes swimmingly. There’s no real commitment beyond the appointments the pair made with each other, so they’re each allowed date other people.

The point of dating, of course, is to get to know the person you’re dating and gauge your compatibility.

Of course, there’s always double (and triple, and group) dating, but in my mind, that comes after the couple has dated a while. I mean, who wants to find out they’re not compatible in front of all their friends? And how can you, really? Generally speaking, we’re all on our best behavior when we’re doing something with strangers. This makes it impossible to be genuine and get to know each other. Read more…

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