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Go get a toy so you can fuck yourself.

September 24th, 2014 4 comments

Enjoying myselfNo, I’m not telling you to go get a toy so you can fuck yourself–though you can, if you want. That’s how last night started.

(P.S. It’s been a long time since I’ve written one of these, so cut me some slack.)

“Go get a toy so you can fuck yourself. I need entertainment.”

He was on a conference call with one of our closest friends (who he also happens to work with) and a customer, and his part of the job was done. The phone was on mute, but the windows were open. I’m pretty sure I turned five shades of red in five seconds flat. The idea of me being his entertainment gets me every time. Read more…

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Product Review: Rattan Cane with Suede Handle 30″ by @Stockroom_com

August 29th, 2013 Comments off

Ooo, what’s that?

Recently, a few people have asked me about a good cane to start with. I always cringe when I’m asked this because canes are no joke. I don’t want people to come back to me all, “You said this was a good cane, but all it did was hurt!” all stompy, and whiny, and stuff, so I almost always preface my answer with extremely patronizing questions like, “You do realize canes hurt, right?” and “Have you been spanked before?” and “Are you sure you’re a masochist?” People probably think I’m an asshole, but I’m just looking out for you, man!

But I guess every newbie kinkster’s gotta start somewhere. If I had to suggest a place to start, this would be it. It’s the 30″ Rattan Cane with Suede Handle by Stockroom. And it is glorious.

Read more…

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#SinfulSunday – What happened here?

June 30th, 2013 8 comments


See who else played along by clicking the image below.


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Saying Goodbye to 2010

December 31st, 2010 1 comment

I won’t ever be able to do last night justice. We fucked until 5am.

My thighs are swollen and various shades of red, purple, blue and black, and my jaw is sore. My clit hurts so bad that M’s tongue on it last night felt like teeth. And today, though it aches with desire, His fingers brushing against it feels like He brought the crop down on the tender flesh. My entire body is exhausted.

God, and now I want to cum. Read more…

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Prove It

April 15th, 2006 Comments off

Yesterday held an interesting revelation and a challenge I wasn’t sure I was up to.

Master went to lay down on the bed, which can be the start of almost anything: cuddling, wrestling, a nap, me licking and kissing Him all over, sex, play…anything. This time, He wanted His legs massaged. We’ve been hiking quite a bit lately and His legs have been bothering Him–pulled muscles, or perhaps simply overdoing it a bit…who knows? A few minutes into massaging His legs, He told me to lick His cock. I wriggled into position and began to lick.

After a while, as I usually do, I wrapped my lips around His head and started to suck. “I didn’t tell you to suck it, did I cunt?”

So I went back to licking. A little grudgingly, perhaps. In any case, He said to me, “It doesn’t feel like you appreciate me letting you lick my cock. Something you’d rather be doing right now?”

In response, I shook my head no and began to lick with fervor, and then began to think. Read more…

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