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May 8th, 2015 1 comment


kaya over at Under His Hand nominated me for the Real Neat Blog Award, which just tickled me to death because I didn’t even know people still did these things. Plus, my blog kinda sucks right now, so I mean, I’m completely undeserving. But I totally needed some sort of “Hey, I see you, lame-o. Get your ass in gear!” and though I know she totally didn’t mean it that way (but even if she did, I’m okay with it), I’m hoping to use this award (and her bad ass questions) as a jumping off point to get back in the saddle. So thanks, kaya! Your nom means more than I could put to words. Read more…

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#PSA – BLOGGERS PLEASE READ: Shady Advertisers Abound – UPDATED

June 4th, 2014 4 comments

So this is an email I sent today:

I was intrigued by your sites and proposition until I read this:

While I realize you likely get asked a lot about affiliate relationships please rest assured we are coming to you with a totally open mind of being a great business partner. With that in mind we would consider paying advertising or sponsorship fees as a way for you to get to know us. Of course we would deduct this from any commission we owe you but it does give you a total win/win solution.

So basically, you’re going to pay to advertise on my site, and then, if I choose to affiliate with you after the advertising period, you’re going to take the money you paid for that advertisement out of my commission? So you’re going to take back payment for services already rendered? I really can’t get down with that. Just doesn’t really define “great business partner” to me. Sorry.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding?

Rayne Millaray
Twitter: @RayneMillaray

Maybe a little bitchier than I had to be, but there it is. Read more…

Guest Posts: Your Responsibility as the Host

August 22nd, 2013 4 comments


This is just a quick tip for those of you who allow guest posting on your websites.

So there’s a blog that allows guest posts, and some people disagreed with some things that were said in a guest post on that blog. When @MrWills_HoT commented with his concerns, the blog owner basically said, “I didn’t write it, it’s not my fault.”

So, I responded. I couldn’t help it. I get so sick of companies, websites, media outlets, etc. poo-pooing off their responsibilities to their audiences with “I didn’t write/say/make/do it. It was my employee/franchise partner/guest blogger.” If you’re putting it out there with your name on it, you are responsible for it. Period. Read more…

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