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Liberator: Not Just For Sex

June 1st, 2015 1 comment

If there’s one adult company I really wish would clean up its act, Liberator would be it. Seriously. Without our Liberator gear, I think both of us would have had a lot of sleepless nights in the past couple years, and definitely this last week.

I mean, we don’t have a guest bed. Ffs. Where would we store our bikes if we had a bed in the second bedroom? Which I suppose is less of an issue, now.

I’m really upset about my bike. Read more…

Update: The Follow Up

May 30th, 2015 Comments off

I can type with both hands again! Hallelujah!

I had my follow up appointment yesterday, and they’re sending me to an orthopedist. It’s probably not necessary. I’m steadily getting better. The pain is decreasing, and I’m getting some of my mobility back.

We even had the sex yesterday! Or…well…this morning, technically, but I say it was still yesterday since we hadn’t been to bed yet. That wouldn’t have been possible a couple days ago. There was far too much pain, and M says he’s not at all into being the cause of that kind of pain, so despite my repeated offers, we waited. Read more…

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The Accident

May 27th, 2015 2 comments

head injurySo yesterday, we went for a bike ride. Without helmets, like you do. The second one of the season.

We started on the closest bike trail entrance that didn’t require us to travel on main roads to get there because we don’t trust the car. We went the way we usually go because it’s just about exactly 5 miles there and back.

A little further up the trail, there’s a dock and a pavilion, so we rode down there to rest in the shade by the water before turning back. That’s where we met Roy. Roy is a retired postman with two grown children. He sat down with us and we chit-chatted a while. Then M and I decided to head back. Roy told us to be safe.

By the time we got back to the car, we were feeling okay, so we filled our water bottles up with the bottle we brought in an ice chest for just that purpose, and hit the trail again, going the other way this time.

The ride was awesome, and we stopped in a shady park on the water about 2 miles up the road to rest before heading back. Read more…

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