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Product Review: Jaguar Wrist Cuffs by ASLAN Leather

December 17th, 2010 5 comments

20101217-img_4553Ooo, what’re those?

Those are the Jaguar Wrist Cuffs by ASLAN Leather, and as you can see, you can lock them.  However, the locks aren’t included.  M rarely likes locks that come with toys, anyway, since so many of them have quick releases, or are cheaply made.  So, a Master lock it is.  Fitting, I guess.

What’d they come in?

If memory serves (and this is really pathetic, considering I only just got them two weeks ago), they came back to back in a clear plastic bag inside a box, or envelope, or something. Stuffed in the box was scores of recyclable brown paper, which rocks hardcore, cause my cat is obsessed with paper, and giving her some of this keeps her from searching my garbage can for napkins. And I use it to line my bird cage. So it all gets folded up and tucked away until I need to clean the cage, or Cara’s paper’s too shredded to let her play with it anymore. Read more…