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Product Review: Super Strap Ankle Cuffs by California Exotics

January 22nd, 2010 2 comments

31MRY2DB1NL._SX450_Ooo, what’re those?

Those are the Super Strap Ankle Cuffs by California Exotics.

How’re they made?

These cuffs are made of two strips of black leather.  One is ten inches long and three inches wide.  The other, which is threaded through four one inch slits in the first piece, is fourteen inches long and an inch wide.  The inside of the cuffs are not lined.

The clasp is a metal cinch buckle that you thread the leather through, then thread back on itself to hold it in place.  And in the center, threaded onto the thinner strap, there’s a d-ring with a carabiner clipped to it.  Read more…

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