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So, Uh…About Aunt Flo…

February 25th, 2014 3 comments

M and me making faces“So, uh…shouldn’t you be bleeding by now?”

“Mayyyybe.” In truth, I don’t know. I stopped keeping track of my period the day my tubes were tied. I mean, I always have an estimated idea of when my next one is due, but since my last child, my period has never really been exact, and I finally just gave up worrying about whether or not I was pregnant because I haven’t gotten pregnant in thirteen years.

I mean, I know it’s been a few weeks. But has it been three or four? I dunno! Every once in a while, my cycle falls around the sixth of the month. Other times, it falls around the fifteenth. Which is it now? I don’t know!

“I feel like you should be bleeding by now.”

“Well…yesterday my back was killing me. Today my boobs hurt. My stomach’s fucked up and I can’t sleep. So maybe soon?”


“Or maybe I’m pregnant,” I said sardonically.

“No babies! No babies! No babies!” he yelled, in his best game show voice.

“Yeah, that’s one abortion I’ll pay for,” I reply.

“You’ll do what I tell you,” he retorts. “So just don’t get pregnant.”

P.S. This is mostly a joke. Yes, I was a little late, but we’re talking days, not weeks, and M and me were mostly just fucking with each other.

P.P.S I started my period later that day. No babies!

Dear @GOPConference & @governorva: Mind your own beeswax!

March 6th, 2012 4 comments

image from Style Weekly - Click for the gallery!

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the personhood laws popping up all over the country, and especially this Virginia bill that would force women to have ultrasounds before they’re allowed to have an abortion. If you haven’t, you can read all about the Virginia Bill here on the SexFeed on SexIs.

The original bill said women would have to have vaginal ultrasounds done but that has since been amended to just a regular ultrasound, which, in some cases, will force the woman to wait longer to have the abortion because normal ultrasounds don’t always work during the first trimester. They never have for me.

The best argument FOR this bill in Virginia that I’ve come across is “informed consent,” and even that doesn’t hold up. Oh, the people screaming about how a woman should know what she’s doing when she has an abortion think it holds up perfectly fine. They’ll talk till they’re blue in the face about how there’s nothing wrong with asking a woman to make an informed decision when it comes to life or death. That, especially in this case, where there has been known mental anguish after the procedure, a woman should know exactly what she’s getting into. Read more…