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Evil Reigned Last Night

June 22nd, 2016 Comments off

Our old friend, dweaver999, wrote this tribute to the mass murder of LGBT people at a place they considered a safe space in Orlando, FL. Thank you, Dave. We miss you and your posts!

I wrote this shortly after Orlando to try to cope with my feelings


Evil reigned last night
People danced
People laughed
People loved
Unaware of what was coming

Evil reigned last night
Hatred filled his soul
Bullets filled his gun
He descended on heaven
Turning it into hell

Evil reigned last night
“Who is that, what does he have?”
Bang! Bang! Bang!
“Help, I don’t want to die!”
“No, please no, don’t…”

Evil reigned last night
[He has a gun]
[I’m hiding]
[Oh God, he’s here]

No texts follow

Evil reigned last night
“This way! Out the back.”
Brave souls try to help
Some escape, some don’t.
“What more could we have done?”

Evil reigned last night
50 children lie dead
100 parents will bury their child
Two parents will wonder why
“How could our child kill?”

Evil reigned last night
Rescuers search for the living
Among ringing cell phones, unanswered
Among the crying of the survivors
Their tears threatening to blind them

Evil reigned last night
50 strangers have died
My heart lies in tatters
My tears run freely
I grieve for those I will never know

Evil reigns tonight
[the shooter was a hero]
[it was God’s will]
[good, the fags are dead]
Tweets the Devil

Evil reigns tonight
I am filled with rage
My vision is red
My mind can’t fathom
Celebrating evil this way

Evil reigns tonight
Fear wishes to overwhelm us
Hatred tries to consume us
Suspicion threatens to destroy us
Dear God, protect us from ourselves

Evil will fall tomorrow
I will draw my line in the sand
I will not be silent again
I will speak for the oppressed
I will defend the victimized

Evil will fall tomorrow
For I am a good man
I will not be silent
I will not let evil triumph

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My Craving

December 29th, 2008 Comments off

PoetryIconSilent screams inside my head begging for:


Your fingers
trailing down my spine
dancing across my flesh
pinching, tugging, pulling
teasing my nipples to erect, firm pebbles

Your nails
engraving your passion on my flesh

Your hands

Your whip
lashing me into oblivion
kissing my flesh again and again
engraving Your love on my flesh

Your name
The needle darting in and out of my flesh
A trail of color
tracing the appellation of the creature to whom i belong

Your mark
The hot iron
searing into my flesh
permanently branding me on the outside to match the imprint on my heart

My hunger brings tears to my eyes
My thoughts are frantic
Make my flesh match the exquisite pain you’ve etched on my soul
Oh that the awe-inspiring master of me would hear my plea
I beg you
Quench this terrible thirst
Bring to the outside what is driving me insane on the inside

Silent screams inside my head begging for:


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December 13th, 2003 Comments off

The curve of my back as IPoetryIcon thrust my breasts forward.
The curve of my lips as adoration crosses them
The curve of my knees with my legs tucked under me
My eyes on the floor
My heart in your hands
You touch my face and your fingers trail to the leather round my neck
And finally I receive what I am begging for

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December 12th, 2003 Comments off

Paranoia eating at my soul
Ridiculously making assumptions I could not possibly have reasons for.

A bazillion things to say and only one or two come out.
A thousand apologies
A million I love yous
And still no reprieve

Anger, hurt and sadness dance in your eyes
Leaves in a tornado on a hot summer day.

A piercing paroxysm stabbing into my heart.
A weight of a thousand worlds on my chest crushing my lungs
Leaving me gasping for breath
The crack of a whip as it executes any justification left lingering.
It begins

And now I have been justly, soundly whipped for my transgression
And still the self-flagellation continues
And still I tear myself to shreds
And still I beg for forgiveness
For some way to redeem myself
The worst torture
The most catastrophic punishment
I see it in your eyes
And my world collapses into a zillion minuscule pieces

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